Netflix serves up Will Smith drama with 98% on Rotten Tomatoes next month

An ace movie that audiences and critics love

King Richard
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When it comes to domination of a field, there's no one that can really hold a candle to the Williams sisters (maybe T3's Tech Editor Mike Lowe). With 30 grand slam singles titles between them and 14 as a doubles pairing they have absolutely defined  21st century tennis. But it hasn't always come easy, and everyone has a story. Luckily for us, it's coming to Netflix

Originally released in 2021, King Richard is a superb movie coming to the streaming service on February 6th. A dramatic retelling of the childhood of the sisters, with Will Smith shining as their father, Richard, a role which he won the Best Actor Oscar for. 

Tennis, especially when the Williams sisters were breaking through, has a reputation as a sport solely for the privileged white upper-middle-class, and the film isn't afraid to acknowledge this. By contrast, Richard lives with his wife Brandy, three stepdaughters and Serena and Venus in Compton and both he and Brandy work full time. 

But then, Richard isn't exactly a standard father. Even before they were born he had created a "78-page plan" for Venus and Serena to become tennis stars and the film documents his fanatical pursuit of making that dream a reality. In a way, his drive is comparable to another of Smith's characters, Chris Gardner in Pursuit of Happyness. Unlike Chris however, he's not always the most sympathetic character with his ways bordering at times on controlling, but you can't argue that it didn't work.

Don't expect to see Serena and Venus winning Wimbledon on screen. This is very much the story of their early years, but that's exactly what we want to see, the bits that aren't public knowledge. Both audiences and critics agree with a 90% Rotten Tomatoes score from critics and a massive 98% from audiences. 

With Will Smith's other sports biopic having left Netflix earlier this month, this is the best opportunity on the streaming service to see the former Fresh Prince flex his acting chops.

Those in the US can stream King Richard on Max

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