Netflix is bringing one of the best games of the '20s to iPhone for free

A new influx of big name titles are coming to Netflix Games soon

Hades on Switch
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Netflix Games has expanded rapidly since its launch two years ago. The service hosts more than 80 games for Netflix subscribers to play at no extra cost, on Phone, iPad, Android device and even smart TV.

Now it's set to boost the offering further with a trio of indie games that have garnered numerous awards on PC and console over the years, including one of my favourite titles from the last few years.

The rogue-lite action-adventure, Hades, is quite simply superb and it'll be arriving for iOS "sometime in 2024".

The isometric battler is based on Greek mythology and puts you in the shoes of the prince of the Underworld, Zagreus, who is looking to escape the eponymous realm and take his place amongst other gods on Mount Olympus. However, there are many denizens to defeat on his travels, including several memorable boss fights.

One great mechanic is that death is no obstacle for the hero. He simply regenerates back at the beginning, but with more powers and pick-ups earned on his previous runs. It's hugely addictive and with a wry sense of wit throughout.

Also revealed during Netflix's Geeked Week event were another two games I've enjoyed greatly on Xbox and PlayStation over the years – Braid and Death's Door.

The former of the two will be released on 30 April 2024 in an anniversary edition. The innovative platformer gets a major graphical refresh and even new puzzles and levels to enjoy. It'll also be released for consoles and PC at the same time.

The last of the trio was the most recently released on other platforms. It is Zelda-like in its game design but with a darker twist. Death's Door will be exclusive to Netflix on mobile and is "coming soon".

A few additional games will also be coming to the service soon, including some based on Netflix shows. Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold has already been added, while Money Heist should also be available in the coming months.

Action RPG The Dragon Prince: Xadia and Aardman Studios' Chicken Run: Eggstraction are also both slated for 2024.

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