My favourite new show of the year just finished with a bang on Disney+

Mystery solved. This show is amazing.

A murder at the end of the world
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This year has produced a bumper crop of amazing TV shows, be it the Squid Game reality show, the Scott Pilgrim animated series, and the return of Upload. But there's one series that has kept me coming back for weekly instalments and actually made each Tuesday a day worth looking forward to.

A Murder at the End of the World is a show that came out of nowhere to be my favourite of the year, and you absolutely need to watch it. From the creators of the acclaimed (and tragically short-lived) The OA comes a unique murder mystery set in the most stunning remote corner of Iceland. Now you can watch it in its entirety on Disney+ or on Hulu (in the US). 

Emma Corin shines as Darby Hart, a self-styled Gen Z detective obsessed with true crime. After cracking a long-abandoned cold case, she's now a bestselling author too, which brings her to the attention of Andy Ronson, the 'King of tech' (Clive Owen). 

Everyone loves a good murder mystery, and this is a good murder mystery, but it's also layered in science fiction. Andy's complex is a futuristic paradise with a supercharged AI assistant and some smart home tech that has to be seen to be believed. Darby's background as a hacker comes in handy on more than one occasion too. 

With the series now finished I can safely say that it does not disappoint and I'd love for there to be a season 2 if possible. What's unique about this series is that it lets its characters have room to breathe. We don't spend oodles of time with anyone except Darby, so they all have plenty of mystery surrounding them. I spent the show being convinced that I knew who the killer was, switching my suspicion with absolute conviction each episode.

Something I've not seen done before in a murder mystery show is the dual timeline. The threads between Darby's breakthrough case and the one she's currently in the middle of are expertly woven. 

Andy Sansom
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