7 mistakes everyone makes with Netflix – get the most from the streaming service

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Netflix is ubiquitous and a part of so many of our lives now. The latest Netflix series and movies is no doubt being discussed at watercoolers around the world this very moment. But chances are you might be doing it wrong. 

When you think about making a mistake with Netflix, you might think of signing up for a Squid Game situation but I'm talking about less lethal errors. I'm more focused on making sure you can enjoy your favourite content on the platform and discover more features and even some content you may have shunned. 

But also, if someone offers you the chance to play a bunch of playground games for serious money, run as fast as you can. Here are 7 mistakes everyone makes on Netflix. 

1. Not making separate profiles

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The great thing about Netflix is that you can curate your own list of content that you'll eventually make time to get round to. My watch list is mish mash of all kinds of genres and shows/movies old and new, it's probably unique among all users, and yours is too. Of course, we're not all proud of what we love watching, I don't necessarily want all my housemates to know the inordinate of romcoms I watch, or my reality show obsessions. 

Making separate profiles is the best way to keep everyone's viewing habits private and also to keep your recommendations based on solely your own picks. Plus, there's nothing worse than losing your place with a show because your housemate watched a whole season ahead without you (hypothetically speaking of course).

2. Sharing a password

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Once given out like candy on Halloween, sharing a Netflix password has been cracked down on in recent years. The streaming service's stance now is that "A Netflix account is meant to be shared by people living together in one household."

Now the only way to share an account with another person who doesn't live with you is to add an extra member, at an additional cost. This is a £4.99/$7.99 extra a month upgrade, so reserved as an act of true love only. 

3. Not downloading

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What use is the massive library of Netflix content if you haven't got an internet connection? Well it turns out, plenty. Like most of the best streaming services you can download content when you have internet, and then watch it while offline. 

Train, planes (and automobiles) used to be the downfall of those who wanted to binge the latest show in record time, but now just download to your phone/tablet and keep going! As long as you're not driving. 

4. Ignoring games

Netflix games

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Netflix has been going hard on games in recent years. It has some of the best mobile games out there, including the likes of World of Goo and Death's Door but also some more famous titles like GTA: Vice City

Most compelling however is the prospect of games based on Netflix originals. If you've ever wanted to play chess against Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit, now you can while there are also games for the likes of Money Heist and Stranger Things.

5. Ignoring interactive content

Cat Burglar

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It may not be working on any new interactive content, but there are several movies that I think would be foolish to overlook just because they feature a choose your own adventure style narrative. 

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is definitely worth your time while Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs the Reverend is a must-watch for fans of the brilliant series. If you want to try something truly out there, check out 'Tom&Jerry with trivia' with the excellent Cat Burglar.

6. Picking the wrong package

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When it comes to your subscription, you need to make sure you choose the right one for your setup. If you don't have one of the best TVs for example then you might not be too worried about the Premium tier subscription and its Ultra HD picture quality. 

Similarly if you're not too bothered about ads, then the cheaper standard with ads plan has almost all of the regular content, just with adverts. At £4.99/$6.99 compared to £10.99/$15.49 a month, that might be tempting. 

7. Missing out on something leaving 

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With the way rights are managed, the service is always adding and losing content with different regions having different comings and goings. Make sure to prioritise any titles you see with a 'Leaving soon' tag or risk missing out!

Of course, if there's anything that's essential viewing or high-profile on its way off the platform (and any of the best streaming services), we'll let you know. 

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

Andy is T3's Tech Staff Writer, covering all things technology, including his biggest passions such as gaming, AI, phones, and basically anything cool and expensive he can get his hands on. If he had to save one possession from a fire it would be his PlayStation 5. He previously worked for Tom’s Guide - where he got paid to play with ChatGPT every day. When it comes to streaming, Andy will have his headphones glued in whilst watching something that will make him laugh. He studied Creative Writing at university, but also enjoys supporting his favourite football team (Liverpool), watching F1, teaching himself guitar, and spending time with his dog.