Matchday app puts Six Nations referee audio in your ear

iPhone and iPad owners can listen to live feed from ref in France vs England clash

O2 announces O2 Matchday a free app that gives users a live feed streamed from the ref's mic in Saturday's Six Nations clash between France and England

In rugby the referee's word is law. For proof of this, look no further than Nigel Owens, an international referee who once stopped a game of rugby to tell off both teams in the centre of the field.

If you've ever been in doubt about the prowess and character need to officiate the hooligan's game played by gentlemen, then this weekend, an app for iOS could provide you with an insider's look.

O2 have launched O2 Matchday, an app that tells Six Nations fans about upcoming games providing information on the teams, players to look out for and even who is refereeing the game. However, for this Saturday's clash between England and France at Twickenham, O2 Matchday will provide a live stream from the referee's microphone straight to your Apple iPhone or iPad via a feature called Ref!Link.

The feature's aim here seems to be to show the skill and tactics behind co-ordinating a professional game of rugby in full flow. It also may provide the opportunity to listen in on some choice words between the ref and the players, should things get a little feisty.

Access to the live feed via Ref!Link has been praised by several officials, including Nigel Owen, as a way of promoting clarity on the pitch.

“O2 Matchday is a further example of the transparency that rugby champions, but it is also a brilliant way to show the skills involved in being a great facilitator", says Owen, "I'm excited that the challenges of getting the best out of 30 men will now be available to a bigger audience.”

Here's hoping that Owen himself is officiating the France/England game. We may witness a scene like the one below if he is...

Nick Cowen

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