MASSIVE data SIM-only deal from Smarty is the Black Friday bargain of our dreams

An electrifying Black Friday SIM only deal

SIM only deal Black Friday smarty
(Image credit: Smarty)

T3 spends each and ever week of the year testing the world's greatest phones and hunting down absolute best SIM only deals going. We think people should demand quality mobile phones that are fast and feature packed, as well as quality SIM card packages that don't skimp on anything.

UK SIM-only network Smarty, which is powered by Three, clearly think similarly to us, as it has just gone and dropped one seriously explosive Black Friday deal that has changed the game when it comes round to big data value.

That's because, for a limited time, you can currently pick up the Supercharge Large SIM only plan, which delivers unlimited minutes and texts as well as 45GB of data for just £15 each month.

That is a game-changer in terms of monthly cost for the data delivered, and shut-up-and-take-my-money easy to recommend.

The full details of the Smarty SIM-only deal can be viewed below:

Supercharge Large Plan | 45GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £15 per month | 12-month contract | Available now at Smarty
45GB of data is blow your socks off large, and for all intents and purposes unlimited, as you'd have to seriously burn through data like there is no tomorrow to get anywhere near that number each month. Unlimited minutes and texts, as well as free delivery, are also included.View Deal

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