Man caught siphoning fuel from police car by Facebook photo

Hapless criminal posts images of crime on Facebook before being visited by police

Facebook has once again aided police with a 20-year-old American man arrested after putting incriminating pictures of himself on the social site

A man in the US has been arrested for siphoning fuel from a police car with the light-fingered crook being caught after he posted a photograph of the crime on Facebook.

The incident, which took place on March 1st, saw the 20-year-old Michael Baker, a coal mining Kentucky native; spend a night in jail after he paired his online bragging with a snap of himself taking liberties of an unattended police cruiser whilst giving the camera the middle finger.

Yet another case of a hapless criminal being foiled thanks to his insatiable need for social media based bragging, the arrest follows a number of incidents during the London riots last year that saw rioters arrested after posting images of themselves with their looted swag on Facebook and Twitter. Last week an Anonymous hacker was caught after posting images of his girlfriend's breasts on Twitter.

Arrested for 'theft by unlawful taking,' Baker has suggested that he and his camera touting girlfriend were simply having a joke. He said: “We was just standing there and thought it would be funny to take a picture and then post it on Facebook,” before adding: “'I got a little bit of gas. I tried but there wasn't much in it.'

Seemingly undeterred by his arrest, Barker, on his release from jail once again took to the web to brag about his actions posting “lol I went too jail over facebook it was funny as hell tho.”

Unamused by the petrol thievery, Jenkins Police Chief Allen Bormes added: “If they're going to do it to a police car, they're going to do it to just about anybody.”

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Via: DailyMail