Lumo Lift gives you feedback to kick your slouching habits

Never bend again! Or something like that...

Unless slouching is part-and-parcel of your Compton, Cali lifestyle, you might be keen to check out this bit of tech...

Lumo BodyTech has launched a posture-correcting wearable that should sort out those self-inflicted back ails.

The small sensor tracks your body positions and will buzz should you slip into slouch mode.

Lumo touts Lift's tracking tech as 'the world's most sensitive single-sensor algorithmic model' for measuring how we move in space.

As well as gauging your posture, it's also good for tallying up your steps, calories burned, and distance covered.

Monisha Perkash, Lumo BodyTech's CEO and co-founder, talks up the device by arguing that there's 'no better investment than yourself.'

"The Lumo Lift is a stylish device that empowers you to make small but impactful changes like pulling your shoulders back, engaging your core and lifting your head," explains Perkash.

Fear not, fashionistas - there's a Lumo Lift for everybody!

"We have found that these minor changes in your posture increase confidence, build good muscle memory, and promote an overall healthier lifestyle."

The device clips onto your clothing via a magnetic clasp, coming in various colour options.

It's also designed for discreet use, with Lumo BodyTech suggesting bra- or collar-clasping for clandestine slouch-kicking.

The Lumo Lift is set to start selling in the UK in the middle of this month, and will retail at £79.99.

The device will be available from first, with Apple stores promising to stock it later in October.