Best Cyber Monday TV deals recap: top 4K, OLED and QLED models from LG, Sony, Samsung and more

T3 unearthed the best TV deals available in the Cyber Monday sales, with some of the top models available at discounts in most sizes

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have powered down for another year, with those discounts vanishing faster than that box of Celebrations chocolates you were trying to save for Christmas. 

If you were looking to upgrade your TV, the Cyber Monday sales this year were the place to shop, with discounts on all sizes and styles – including some of the newest and biggest models. Yes, the best Cyber Monday deals on TVs were epic. And though some have now returned to full price, there are still some sales that remain. 

We're experts in TV tech, with a whole host of authoritative buying guides listing all the best TVs you can buy today in 2022, as well as where to shop for them to get the lowest price.

  • Amazon (opens in new tab) – a superb range of TV deals
  • Currys (opens in new tab) – a great place to shop for mid-range and budget 4K HDR TVs
  • John Lewis (opens in new tab) – this is T3's top destination to shop for premium 4K and 8K TVs
  • AO (opens in new tab) – focuses a bit more on the mid-range and budget TV sets
  • Very (opens in new tab) – great for FHD and 4K panels from major brands

As T3 has been covering the Cyber Monday sales for over half a decade now, we've learned exactly which retailers tend to offer the best range of products and discounts, as well as the budget range each tends to lean towards.

As such, here we've listed the retailers that we think are best to shop at during the Cyber Monday sales season to bag a great TV deal. Simply follow a link to go directly to each retailer's best offers today.

Best Cyber Monday TV deals still available


Hisense 4K HDR TV

(Image credit: Hisense)

This is a really great, affordable Black Friday TV deal, with the large 55-inch sizing of the Hisense A6BG 55-inch 4K HDR TV reduced down to £329 at Currys.

For £329, which is a straight £100 saving, you get a large 55-inch Ultra HD 4K TV capable of HDR visuals, along with dedicated viewing modes for games, sports, and movies. This is also a Smart TV, too, so you can access all the best streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus directly on the TV.

We think 55-inches is the sweet spot size for many medium or large homes, but this set is also discounted at other sizes, too. The 43-inch variant, for example, is now just £249 (opens in new tab), while the gigantic 65-inch model can be bagged for £449 (opens in new tab).

Samsung 4K HDR TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

A fat £300 price cut sees the latest 2022 model of the Samsung QE50QN90 4K HDR TV fall to £899 at Currys.

This screen runs Samsung's state-of-the-art Neo QLED tech, and it supports Quantum HDR 1500, too, meaning it delivers ludicrous fidelity and contrast.

Gamers will also be in heaven with this set as its supports up to 144Hz refresh rates, meaning PS5 and Xbox Series X games will be buttery smooth.

Four HDMI 2.1 ports also mean you get plenty of connectivity options and the TV's built-in speakers support Dolby Atmos, meaning you get 3D sound.

A top-tier premium TV set for now well under a grand.

Sony Bravia OLED TV

(Image credit: Sony)

This top-class Sony BRAVIA XR OLED is reduced by 23 per cent right now in the Black Friday sales, a fact that sees its price cut by £300.

You get all the good stuff with this large set, too, including a 55-inch panel size, Ultra HD 4K resolution, HDR support and OLED panel tech, which means you get fantastic contrast and highlights.

Gamers will love this set as well as it packs HDMI 2.1, VRR, ALLM and 120Hz refresh rates, meaning PS5 and Xbox Series X games are going to look the best they can be. 

Toshiba 4K TV

(Image credit: Toshiba)

This is a massive amount of TV for under £500, as this isn't just a large 55-inch set from Toshiba, but a gigantic 65-inch screen.

65 inches of 4K HDR goodness is home cinema heaven and is going to help make blockbuster movies and live sports in particular incredibly immersive.

This QLED TV also supports Dolby Vision HDR, too, and Dolby Atmos 3D sound, which are just going to take the immersion level even higher.

You also get Smart TV functionality, meaning that you've got access to all your streaming service subscriptions like Netflix and Disney Plus, while a built-in Chromecast means you've also got access to Google Assistant functionality.

A crazy amount of TV for under half a grand.


(Image credit: LG)

LG is one of the best TV makers in the world right now, and right here we've got its 43-inch 4K HDR UP75 LED TV discounted down by 30 per cent in the Black Friday sales.

This TV delivers 4K resolution fidelity along with HDR for excellent contrast and image vibrancy. It's got LG's webOS Smart TV platform built-in, too, meaning you've got on-TV access to all the best streaming service apps like Netflix and Disney+.

Film fans will get a lot out of this set's FILMMAKER mode, which is designed to show movies in the way that they were shot and their director intended them to be viewed, adding to the home cinema experience.

Sony Bravia 4K TV

(Image credit: Sony)

This TV will be perfect for gamers as well as sports and movie fans. This is because this Sony Bravia 4K HDR TV supports a 120Hz refresh rate, meaning PS5 and Xbox Series X games are going to look stunning and run incredibly smoothly.

As the TV also supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma movies and sports, as well as cinematic TV shows like House of the Dragon are going to look epic, too, with great images contrast and colour vibrancy delivered.

Four HDMI ports also means this set has plenty of connectivity options for set-top boxes, consoles and computers, too, and its built-in Smart TV features means you can easily access streaming service apps like Netflix and Disney Plus.

This deal is on the 43-inch size panel, which will be ideal for small-to-medium living rooms, as well as bedrooms, studies, and games rooms.


(Image credit: TCL)

TCL is renowned for making really punch affordable TVs, and here its very large 58-inch P638K 4K HDR LED TV is discounted down at AO to £329 in the Black Friday sales.

That's a huge amount to screen for barely over three hundred notes, outsizing even large 55-inch sets, and with a 4K resolution and HDR visuals delivered, along with Dolby Atmos audio support, it's going to be great for watching movies, sports and TV shows.

TCL uses the smart Android TV platform, too, meaning you've got instant on-TV access to all the best streaming service apps, such as Netflix, Disney Plus and BBC iPlayer.

Toshiba 4K HDR TV

(Image credit: Toshiba)

Wow! Now we're talking cheap 4K HDR TV. The Toshiba 43UK3C63DB LED TV is now down to £249 at

This 43-inch 4K HDR TV supports Ultra HD resolution as well as HDR10, while also offering Dolby Atmos 3D sound compatibility and plenty of Smart TV features, including Freeview TV and Amazon Alexa built in.

There's plenty of connectivity options, too, with 3 HDMI ports, a USB port, a headphone socket, an optical connection, an AV socket, an Ethernet connection, Bluetooth support and built-in Wi-Fi.

All the most popular streaming apps, such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Disney Plus are also directly accessible on the TV too.

Toshiba 4K HDR TV

(Image credit: Toshiba)

Another large 4K HDR TV plunges under the £300 mark, with this Toshiba Fire 50-inch panel hitting £299 thanks to a 25% Black Friday sales price cut.

This is a heck of a lot of TV for that money, too, with a large 50-inch screen sizing partnered with a 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR imagery with Dolby Vision, an in-built Onkyo sound system with twin 10-watt speakers, and in-built Smart TV functionality, the latter allowing easy access to streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Disney Plus.

There are loads of connectivity options, too, including three HDMI ports, two USB ports, an optical digital port, and built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Oh, and this TV also has Amazon Alexa built-in, too, meaning you can control it via your voice.

Samsung 4K HDR TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's AU7000 series TVs are world renowned for offering top quality at affordable price points, and here the well-reviewed AU7110 is discounted down to £499 at Amazon thanks to a straight 29 per cent price cut.

That means for under five hundred notes you can now bag a large 55-inch 4K Ultra HD TV panel that also delivers HDR10+ in-image contrast and vibrancy, an in-built Adaptive Sound system with Q-Symphony Audio Technology, full Smart TV functionality with easy access to popular streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube and Disney Plus, as well as a gorgeous 3-sided bezel-less TV design.

We gave the Samsung AU7100 (basically the exact same model as the TV here, which is slight better as designated by the AU7110 naming) a maximum score of 5 stars on review, so we can guarantee you're buying quality here.


(Image credit: LG)

Now this is a great affordable 4K HDR TV deal, not least because this is a new 2022 model year TV. And it comes from LG, too, who are among the absolute best TV makers in the business today.

The LG 43UQ75006LF LED TV delivers a super detailed Ultra HD 4K resolution, as well as HDR display tech, meaning you get enhanced picture contrast and vibrancy.

The set also comes with LG's webOS Smart TV platform, meaning you can easily access apps like Freeview Play, Netflix, YouTube and Disney Plus.

This TV will be great for film lovers, too, as it has a dedicated Filmmaker Mode, which is designed to recreate the cinema experience at home.

Toshiba 4K HDR TV

(Image credit: Toshiba)

If you need a seriously big TV for an elite-level home cinema setup, or to watch live sports with maximum immersion, then this huge Toshiba 4K HDR TV is well worth checking out – and especially because it has £150 price cut applied to it right now.

The discount means its retailing now over at Amazon for £499, and for that spend you get a 65-inch panel size, 4K Ultra HD resolution, Dolby Vision HDR display tech, an in-built Onkyo speaker system, Android Smart TV functionality for easy streaming app access, and Google Assistant on voice command.

This TV also includes Toshiba's TRU Resolution upscaling tech, too, which has been designed to upscale non-4K content, meaning that even non-4K video streams look better than ever.


(Image credit: LG)

If you don't want a ridiculously big panel size but do want the absolute finest image quality you can buy today, then this deal on the ridiculously good LG C2 OLED is a must-see.

What makes this TV special is multiple fold, but its OLED screen tech, which delivers best-in-the-world in-image local contrast and colour vibrancy, is the biggest draw. LG is the maker of the best OLED TVs in the world, and this is this year's latest effort from the South Korean maker. And as we note in our full LG C2 review, that effort is 5-star awesomeness.

On top of that, though, this TV is special as it supports a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes it a perfect partner for gamers playing on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

At 42 inches this TV will be perfect for medium and small living rooms, as well as bedrooms, studies, and games rooms.

Hisense 43 Inch 43A7100FTUK Smart 4K UHD HDR LED Freeview TV

(Image credit: Hisense)

Woah! Now this Black Friday sales TV deal takes value to a new level, with the 43-inch Hisense A7100FTUK 4K HDR LED TV available at Argos right now for just £199.

That's a 4K HDR TV for under two hundred notes!

On top of the Ultra HD, HDR visuals, this TV also delivers Hisense's VIDAA U Smart TV interface, meaning you've got on-TV access to all the best streaming service apps, and the TV also comes loaded with DTS Studio sound for a more surround sound immersive viewing experience.

At 43 inches this TV will be ideal for medium and small living rooms, as well as bedrooms, studies, and games rooms.

93% of customers who bought this TV recommend it, too, with over 250 perfect five-star reviews.


(Image credit: LG)

If you want the best OLED TV for most people then this 39% price drop on the LG C2 OLED is well worth looking at, especially as it is now cheaper than it has ever been before.

In T3's LG C2 OLED review we concluded that it was "an irresistible high-end TV proposition for movie fans, gamers, and sports addicts", and that it is "absolutely outstanding". We gave the LG C2 OLED a maximum score of 5 stars.

So a deal in the Black Friday sales that cuts hundreds off the LG C2's price point seems like something anyone currently looking for a top TV upgrade should consider. This truly is a top-table TV that is also incredibly future-proofed, making it a brilliant buy in our eyes here at T3.

Samsung 4K HDR TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

We gave this TV a maximum score of 5 stars in our Samsung AU7100 review, praising its "detailed, composed 4K images", "good contrast and motion handling" and "great smart TV interface". We concluded that the set was "cheap TV heaven".

And now the Samsung AU7100 4K HDR TV is even cheaper thanks to a discount in the Black Friday sales. The 43-inch screen can be picked up now for £329 at both Very and Amazon.

This is a lot of TV for the money, with a Ultra HD resolution delivered, along with HDR visuals, a great Smart TV interface, and a selection of gaming-orientated features such as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).

The set is also available in a wide-range of screen sizes, too, going right up to 85 inches, so if you need something bigger then be sure to shop around.

Samsung 4K HDR TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

If you're looking for an absolutely gigantic screen, then you need to check out the Samsung AU7100 85-inch TV over at Amazon right now.

This TV is retailing right now at its cheapest ever price point, and delivers an experience that we recommend highly in our best 80+ inch TVs buying guide.

When you consider that a 55-inch TV is big, this 85-inch panel is absolutely colossal, and will take home cinema and live sporting even immersion to an incredible level.

Hisense 4K HDR TV

(Image credit: Hisense)
(opens in new tab)

A 4K HDR TV for under £250 is crazy good value, so this deal on the Hisense A6BG Ultra HD 43-inch screen is well worth checking out if you're in the market for an upgrade.

The TV supports HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log-Gamma and DTS Virtual:X, too, meaning you're getting top visuals and audio quality, and gamers will be very happy with this set's dedicated Game Mode, too.

For older, non-4K content, this TV also comes with in-built AI Picture Optimisation and a UHD AI Upscaler, too, which enhances lower definition content to near 4K quality.

Sony TV

(Image credit: John Lewis)

This Sony Bravia A80J 55-inch 4K TV is now also available at a discount from John Lewis. Though it's a pound more than you can find this Sony TV on Amazon (opens in new tab), it comes with an extra promo. You can get £200 off the Sony HT-A9 home theatre system at checkout. So that's £400 off the TV and another £200 off the speakers. A great deal in all. 

Hisense TV

(Image credit: Currys)

If you want to go big, this Hisense smart TV is now at a great price. The 75-inch 4K QLED screen now has £300 off the list price, bringing it under that magical £1000 mark. When it comes to TVs this size – especially with a QLED display – that's a great deal. 

Samsung 4K TV

(Image credit: Amazon)

Now this is big. Check out this stunning 85-inch Samsung TV. It has a QLED display and 100Hz refresh rate, and did I mention it's 85 inches? This giant screen is reduced by 43% taking that price down by £1201 to just £1598. If you really want the extra size, this is a great deal right now. 

Sonos Beam

(Image credit: Sonos)

Your audio is as important as your picture when it comes to good TV, so it makes sense to invest in a decent soundbar. The Sonos range is a sound investment at the best of times, but when the prices drop, it's worth moving fast. The Beam is the company's mid-range model (since the introduction of the Ray) and hits a nice balance between cost and performance. With £100 off the list price, it's an even better choice. 

There's also £200 off the flagship Arc soundbar (opens in new tab) if you want the very best it has to offer. 

Samsung TV

(Image credit: Argos)

Here's that bargain Samsung TV again but this time in a 70-inch size. For just £749 you're getting a huge screen with HDR10+, 4K upscaling, and the Tizen OS. Dropping down to the 70-inch really reduces that price and it's still on the large side most most living rooms. 

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