LG's first curved OLED display look like the ultimate gaming monitor

LG's latest and best gaming monitor looks like an exceptional upgrade

LG Ultragear 45GR95QE gaming monitor
(Image credit: LG)

The best gaming monitors just got some killer new rivals from LG – including LG's first ever Ultragear gaming monitor with a curved OLED panel. The LG 45GR95QE is a massive 45-inch display designed for incredibly immersive gaming. It's fast, too, with a 240Hz refresh rate. The resolution is 3,440 x 1,440 at a 21:9 aspect ratio and it supports both HDR10 and HDMI 2.1. 

The curvature is 800R, which isn't quite as dramatic as Samsung's Odyssey Ark but which wraps the action around you – and the anti-glare, anti-reflective surface should eliminate unwanted distractions too. We don't know the price, however, so we can't be sure whether this will be one of the best curved gaming monitors you can buy or if it's one for the money-no-object crowd.

The future's bright. The future's... bendy?

LG isn't the only firm offering a 45-inch curved display. Corsair's Xeneon Flex – developed in collaboration with LG – has one too, and that goes a step further by enabling you to bend the display to get the shape that suits you best. It too offers 240Hz and like the LG, hasn't announced pricing just yet.

LG also announced a new and slightly less dramatic monitor at the IFA show: the 31.5-inch 4K Ultrafine Display Ergo AI. The AI bit refers to its built-in camera, which automatically monitors your eye level and adjusts the height (from 0 to 160mm) and tilt (plus and minus 20 degrees) of the display to follow your movements. It can also change position throughout the day so you don't spend too much time in the same slouch in front of your screen. 

Let's face it. None of these displays are going to be cheap. But they're pretty exciting: the gaming monitors from LG and Corsair look spectacular, and while the Display Ergo AI is a little more suit and tie than its gaming sibling it's still very clever. And if that motion helps reduce eye and neck strain it could actually help make you more productive too. 

We don't yet know when these displays will go on sale but LG promises to announce pricing and availability soon.

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