LG's best OLED TV just got a massive price cut

Get £1,000 off LG's exceptional LG C2 OLED TV – and even more if you're an LG member

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The LG C2 is one of the best TVs, and we think it's the best OLED TV for most people. And right now it's got a whopping £1,000 off some models and a very respectable £450 off the most affordable one.

If you head over to the LG website you'll see that the 42-inch model is down £450 to just £949.98, the 48-inch is £400 off at £999.98, and the 55-inch is down £700 to a very respectable £1,199.98.

But the biggest discount here is on the 65-inch model, which would be my pick: there's £1,000 off, taking the price down from £2,699.98 to £1,699.98. And if you're an LG member you can get a few more quid off it too, taking the total to just £1,665.98.

These are LG's own prices compared to its original RRP, so the discounts appear a bit bigger than they actually are – but the prices are also available on various retailers, so for example John Lewis was previously doing the 65-inch for £1,898 but it's down to £1,699.99 now. That's still a great TV bargain.

LG C2 65inch 4K TV: £1,699.98 at LG.comSave £1,000

LG C2 65inch 4K TV: £1,699.98 at LG.com
Save £1,000 – With a whopping £1,000 off the RRP, LG's best OLED for most people is now even more affordable. It's a great price for a truly terrific TV.

Should you buy the LG C2 OLED TV?

Yes. We think this is the best OLED TV for most people, and it backs up its fantastic OLED display with great gaming performance and excellent connectivity. There's no HDR10+ support and you definitely want to add one of the best soundbars, but as we said in our LG C2 OLED TV review "it's an irresistible high-end TV proposition for movie fans, gamers and sports addicts. It's absolutely outstanding, even at the higher price." And now it's at a much lower price. Just be aware that the 42- and 48-inch models don't have quite the same tech as their bigger siblings: they're not quite as bright.

I've said that I think the 65-inch is the pick of the range. That's not just because of the biggest discount; it's because 65-inch is a big-screen sweet spot where you really get the benefit of that 4K panel and its amazing HDR without having to sacrifice half your room to the TV. 

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