LG will launch a flexible OLED TV next year

Curved? Pfft try and keep up...

Still got your flat TV and not convinced about curved? Well LG is going to offer the best of both worlds...

LG has confirmed that it's going to launch the world's first flexible TV next year.

With flat TVs slowly becoming a thing of the past and curved TVs taking a while to catch-on amongst consumers, LG is the merging the two concepts to offer…well, flexibility.

A flexible TV can be shaped to the user's preference, whether that mean flat against a living room wall or curved in the corner of the room for all to see.

You simply press a button to activate the motor inside, which then flexes the panel from flat to curved – it's entirely up to you.

Speaking to TrustedReviews, Hugo Shin, Product Communications Director for LG's Home Entertainment department, said: “That product will be available next year, a flexible one.”

LG states that unlike LED screens, the OLED displays allow for bend and flexibility.

“It is difference from the LED case where OLED has no picture quality damage issues when we bend or curve the screen because it has no backlight unit,” Shin explained.

Unsurprisingly, the TV isn't going to come cheap, with Shin confirming: “It will be expensive, yes.”

Although considering how much the price on OLED TVs have dropped since their advent, it probably won't be long until LG's flexible entry becomes more accessible.

“Just one year ago the 55-inch curved OLED was £10,000 and then the new one is £3,000, so the evolution of the technology makes that price go down,” he said.

While Samsung displayed its own flexible TV at CES back in January, it wasn't OLED nor ready for market – so LG is currently leading the way in ground-breaking TV tech.

Has LG's flexible OLED TV peaked your interest or do you reckon its another fad?

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