LG foldable phone leak shows a stunning bezel free screen

LG's answer to the Galaxy X could be a wonder phone

LG rollable display
(Image credit: LG)

In 2019 we could see 5 foldable phones appear and LG looks set to be one of them, judging by newly leaked documents.

A freshly leaked patent shows that LG has not only been working on a foldable phone but has been developing some key details that could make it better than the Samsung Galaxy X, Apple foldable iPhone and Motorola competition.

The LG foldable phone should fold halfway down with a horizontal flip of the flexible display. LG Display has already shown off rollable displays in the past and uses similar OLED panels on some of its high-end televisions. 

The hinge is particularly interesting as it looks very similar to the complex system used by Microsoft in its Surface Book. This four link hinge should allow for flexibility as well as strength when locked out in tablet mode.

The patent also describes a dual camera, dual mic, dual speaker and dual antenna setup. Unlike side by side dual lens cameras on some phones now, this sounds like a camera will be on the inside with another on the outside so camera mode will work when closed in phone mode or when folded out in tablet mode.

The screen is also described as bezel-free suggesting when folded out it will be one seamless screen.

Despite this being a patent, we're expecting foldable phones to start appearing in 2019, with Samsung leading the way in February with its Galaxy X.