LG brings an even smarter home to IFA 2015

Three new products make it easier to keep a handle on your home

LG is ready to make your home that little bit smarter by releasing a handful of new devices at IFA 2015.

The trio of new devices includes the SmartThinQ Sensor that can be attached to other devices to make them smarter plus an oven and air conditioner that run on LG's AllJoyn open platform created specifically for the internet of things.

Heading up the selection is the SmartThinQ, which takes the form of a circular device that can be stuck to home appliances like washing machines and refrigerators to look out for feedback like vibration and temperature before feeding the information back to a dedicated smartphone app. This opens up a range of opportunities such as being able to sense when a washing cycle has finished or to provide a notification when a certain food item is out of date.

The Smart Lightwave Oven, meanwhile, is Wi-Fi enabled and as such allows smartphone owners to set the cooking mode, temperature and time for a dish plus download, update and share recipes with friends. It even uses its 'smartness' to detect any problems before automatically finding solutions and repair information online.

LG's third product is the Smart Air Conditioner that can be remotely controlled using a smartphone and flashes up with a warning when the air filters need to be replaced. All three devices will be shown off at IFA 2015 and release dates are expected to be confirmed in due course.

Press release: LG to unveil smart sensor, AllJoyn smart home products at IFA 2015