Karcher Window Vac WV 5 Premium deal wipes 40% off its price in Amazon Cyber Monday sale

Have cleaner glass surfaces at the UK's lowest price. You'll need to be quick as it's for today only…

Cheapest Karcher window vac
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It is CHILLY this Cyber Monday, and as winter wears on, there are two increasing likelihoods. One is that people in older houses, particularly with single-glazed windows, are going to be battling condensation on those windows. The other is that, as as the winter holidays approach and entertaining turns into a full-time pursuit, there WILL be drinks spilled in your home.

Don't tackle these tasks with towels or bits of kitchen paper. What you need is a vacuum that will quickly suck up all of that liquid – whether it's wine from a coffee table or condensation from a window or mirror – and Karcher makes some of the best window vacs in the business. Want proof? Then check out our window vacuum cleaners roundup.

Amazon UK is on your side when it comes to battling spills and condensation as it has the excellent Karcher WV 5 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner for the UK's lowest price. That price is just £40 instead of the usual £67, saving you £40%. 

The Karcher WV 5 Premium comes with a narrow cleaning blade, detergent spray bottle, Microfibre cleaning head, some cleaning fluid and a charger for the built-in lithium-ion battery.

The WV 5 Window Vac offers up to 35 minutes of cleaning per charge – plenty of time to get your windows clean and dry, unless you live in an actual glass house. In which case, we hope you don't throw stones. Once you're done, simply open the tank and the pour the dirty water down the sink.

Karcher WV 5 Premium £40 | Was £67 | Save £37 at Amazon
Just in time for winter wine spills and cold weather condensation comes this Karcher WV 5 Premium at the UK's cheapest price. Karcher's window vacs are widely regarded as among the best you can buy, so don't delay. Deal ends at midnight on Cyber Monday.View Deal

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