Looking to improve your outdoor table settings? Kärcher can help add that extra spark

These tips can make a big difference to your garden using the latest wet & dry vacuum cleaner technology

Kärcher and outdoor table
(Image credit: Future / Rachael Smith)

Everyone enjoys a table setting that has been laid out to perfection. Getting every little detail down to exactly where you want it is ultra-satisfying. One area that is overlooked time and time again though, is the cleaning aspect of it all. Just simple things that can make an outside area glow. 

Kärcher now looks to address this with its range of Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners. Its latest is designed to make tough jobs that an indoor vac couldn't handle much easier. This is most effective for taking on the differing weather conditions – and can still do a great job inside the house as well.

Better still, Karcher’s range of Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners can tidy up anything from sheds and garages to pathways and patios. Having this space can then help add more shine to an alfresco setting, of which we have put together some great dining ideas that can make a big difference for only the smallest of changes. 

Don't miss those hidden leaves 

Kärcher tidying leaves

(Image credit: Future / Rachael Smith)

Leaves get everywhere. They're easy to spot but also easy to lose. Whenever setting up an outdoor dining arrangement, it's well worth taking a few minutes to clean up any mess that has made its way into your garden. It's those annoying, awkward spaces that really need to be worked at and thankfully, the Karcher Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner's multiple attachments are the perfect solution. Loose soil, clippings, or pesky leaves – you name it, it can handle it.

Have the foresight for furniture 

Kärcher WD furniture

(Image credit: Future / Rachael Smith)

Another overlooked area is furniture. A quick clean using the flexible Kärcher WD suction hose attachment makes the whole ordeal painless while getting rid of any dust or dirt. It even has a blower function (on certain models) that can be switched back and forth effortless. Most importantly, by keeping a piece of furniture maintained over a long period of time instead of replacing it, you're saving money and helping the environment. Win-win.

A layered look can go a long way 

Kärcher WD dining setting

(Image credit: Future / Rachael Smith)

Now that cleaning is out the way, the true fun can begin – styling. One great tip is the use of layering to make your setup look even better than before. To do this, firstly layer cushioned seat pads, fabric napkins, table cloths or a table runner, which will all add a more visually appealing look. Second, lay out a selection of your best crockery and glassware for each individual place settings on the table before topping with a vase of flowers or striking centerpiece topped with a scattering of tealight candles for a cosy atmosphere.

Last but certainly not least, look at what lighting options are available, be that indoor or outdoor. Think practically but the likes of fixed outdoor wall lights or a portable tabletop lamp can help create a more intimate atmosphere. The main thing is to put your own imprint on it. Once done, you can sit back, relax and enjoy one another's company no matter how late the night goes on. 


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