Jaguar Activity Band: we just found a wearable that costs £65,000

Exciting things from the Wearable Tech Show #2: The Band does admittedly come with a free Jaguar F-Pace

The Wearable Tech Show was short on big names this year, but one brand making a showing, equipped with a £65,000 SUV and a stack of leaflets, was Jaguar. Reason: as well as its long-standing mobile, Apple Watch (and soon to be Android Wear) app for locating, un/locking and remotely heating your car, the new F-Pace actually comes with its own wearable.

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The rather fetching SUV, which starts at £35,000 - this one is a limited edition 'first edition' model, hence the £65K price tag - can be opened with the Activity Band with a tap. That makes it more secure than a standard key as you would need to go and touch every Jaguar in the carpark to find the correct one to open, rather than just wondering about pressing the button until you heard a bleep.

So much more secure.

The Activity Band is so named because it's extremely durable, comfortable and waterproof to 40m, hence you can wear it whilst doign activities. Does it track said activities, like a fitness band? No, it does not. Sorry.

The F-Pace also comes with an all-new "on-carf" infotainment system, with smart, traffic-evading navigation, touchscreen control, mobile mirror link and a plane tracker, so you can be sure you don't miss your flight. There is, however, no CarPlay or Android Auto support.

As on most other recent Jaguars, a mobile app lets you locate, un/lock, start and heat your Jag, as well as seeing fuel levels and journey info. Key functions are also available via an Apple Watch app. An Android Wear one will follow, "soon", but most Jaguar Land Rover punters are iPhone users, natch, so it's started with Watch.

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