Is there a cooler way to get around than on a Harley-Davidson e-bike?

With a 113-mile range, the LiveWire S2 Del Mar is perfect for city slickers and commuters

Two people riding the Harley Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar on a suburban street
(Image credit: LiveWire)

When it comes to getting around using an electric-powered vehicle, there are a few ways to go. Some will opt for one of the best EVs, for some four-wheeled action. Other's may choose to pick up an electric bike, fusing pedal power with battery power for a hybrid means of transportation.

Somewhere in between those, you'll find the e-bike. These are modelled on a traditional motorbike, swapping out a roaring engine for a battery pack. The results are impressive. We love options like the Maeving RM1, which fuses retro-cool styling with forward thinking propulsion.

Now, there's another option. The LiveWire S2 Del Mar is a stunning e-bike with decent specs to boot. We tested its predecessor – the LiveWire One – previously, which wowed our tester. The LiveWire brand is owned by Harley-Davidson and you definitely get a flavour of that in the styling here.

A pretty face won't be enough to convince users to part with their hard-earned cash, though. Fortunately, the Del Mar packs in a lot of great specs to ensure performance stacks up with first impressions.

Let's start with the juicy stuff. 0-60? Just 3 seconds. Top speed? 103 miles per hour, with 84 horsepower on offer. Range in the city is rated at 113 miles, though that will depend on usage. Sustained motorway miles will see 43 miles at 70mph and 70 miles at 55mph.

Fortunately, it's also pretty rapid when it comes to charging. An 80% refill can be achieved in just under six hours from a regular wall socket. Use a Level Two charger like you'd find at a public charge point and that drops to just 78 minutes. That should make it fairly nippy to top up in between rides.

That's not the only cool thing. Personalised riding modes allow the user to change the way the bike handles. Options are given for Sport, Road, Range and Rain, while users can also customise their own profile to their needs. 

The presets on offer allow users to decide what is most important to them. Off out for a Sunday ride? Prioritise performance for the most exhilarating experience. On a long journey? Sacrifice some of that performance to make the most of the range on offer.

The Rain setting is great too. This sees all aspects dropped down to focus on gaining control in low-traction settings. It's a neat option and should give riders an extra layer of confidence in otherwise tricky conditions.

So, how much will the LiveWire S2 Del Mar set you back? In the UK, you can reserve one right now for £18,990. If you're reading from the USA, the Del Mar costs $15,499.  That's a good chunk less than the LiveWire One, but could still be a tough sell. The BMW CE04, for example, starts around £6,000 less than that – though granted it's nowhere near as stylish.

The S2 Del Mar comes in three colours – Nimbus Grey, Nightfall Blue and Asphalt Black.

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