iPad Pro release date may be November, 12.9-inch display rumoured

Those iPad Pro rumours just keep on coming

The long-rumoured

iPad Pro

may well land before the year


s out, with a rumoured release date pegged for November.

What happens when a MacBook falls in love with an iPad? An iPad Pro, by the sounds of it.

Apple is working on a 12.9-inch version of the iPad and, according to the notorious Apple rumour-maker Digitimes, the tablet is going to be released in November. This is the usual time of year for iPads to be unveiled. But can we trust Digitimes?

It says "Apple's upstream supply chain is expected to start supplying components” in “late-September” before the tablet actually goes on sale in mid-November. And apparently the thing is being made by Foxconn. No surprise there. Foxconn makes an awful lot of Apple gear.

What's a little more unusual is Apple is apparently being “cautious” about ordering a giant initial batch of iPad Pros, as if it is testing the water rather than jumping right into the lake like a dog chasing its favourite ball.

Other than a larger-than-usual screen, the iPad Pro is expected to have stereo speakers and possibly a Force Touch pressure sensitive screen. Not only would that let you perform new gestures with your digits, it should also make the iPad's virtual keyboard feel more satisfying to type on.

But is this fabricated Digitimes trash? Does the iPad Pro even exist? Either way, we'll be on the lookout for more.

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