iOS in the Car could arrive sooner than thought

Latest iOS 7.1 beta hints at Apple preparing to release in car control feature

Apple may be planning to release its iOS in the Car feature sooner than expected.

Developers with access to the latest version of the iOS 7.1 beta noted Apple had added a toggle for the feature in the restrictions menu. It is unclear if the feature will make it through to the final version of the operating system.

Apple released the latest version of its iOS 7.1 beta on Friday. The story was originally reported by 9to5Mac.

The car integration feature will reportedly let iPhone and iPad owners link their device to their car and control functions like music, messages and maps.

It is unclear what the legal implications will be in the UK where it is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving.

Sources also told the Apple site that there are other references to “iOS in the Car” throughout the beta.

The update also changes some other features within the operating system's menus. For example, the TouchID and passcode settings are said to be more prominently displayed.

It is unclear when Apple is planning to launch the first major update to iOS 7.

It released the first version of the beta to developers last month.