Instagram's new Google Maps rival makes so much sense, I can't wait to try it

Look up restaurants, attractions and other hot spots on Instagram

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I use Instagram whenever I'm visiting a new location, it's a great app to find restaurant recommendations and picturesque beauty spots (even if you are sometimes disappointed by Instagram vs Reality).

Now, to help that discovery even further, Instagram has introduced a Google Maps-inspired map function which supports searches and filters. This allows Instagram users to search for restaurants, attractions and other hot spots directly in the app.

The updated map feature also displays posts, stories and guides tagged by users, offering you a glimpse into what to expect when you visit a place.

As someone who spends time planning trips on Instagram , this sounds incredibly helpful.

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The new maps feature was announced on Mark Zuckerburg's IG Story.

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The Instagram map also supports hashtag searches and offers the ability to explore by tapping tagged locations in the feed or Stories. If you prefer, you can also type the name of a location, restaurant or city directly into the Explore page and see the results on the map. 

After you've expertly curated your saved posts, you can share the collection and locations with other Instagram users.

The Instagram map will feature icons where the attractions are. You can tap on the icons to expand them, pulling in content from location stickers and tags that are related to the business.

Now, to become a true Google Maps rival, Instagram will have to add a feature that directs you to the location - perhaps taking you on a more scenic route than Google Maps would recommend?

Spencer Hart
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