I have a GPS watch, but I'll be taking this quartz watch on my next adventure

This robust outdoor watch is designed to go off the beaten track, but it won't distract you from nature

Briston Streamliner Adventure
(Image credit: Briston)

I love planning a good adventure, whether it's driving off-road in Scotland or paddleboarding around the Isle of Wight, but if there's something that I love even more than planning what I'm doing and where I'm going, it is choosing a watch for said adventure.

While I have reviewed numerous GPS watches and the best smartwatches, some of which even have specific features designed for hiking and adventure sports, I find the best outdoor watches are actually mechanical watches.

I recently received the new Briston Streamliner Adventure model and can't wait to take it on my next expedition. 

Briston Streamliner Adventure

(Image credit: Briston)

Before I explain why I like the Briston Streamliner Adventure, I'll explain why I think mechanical watches are better companions for trips and expeditions.

For a start, they won't run out of battery or need charging mid-trip. If you're running GPS and fitness tracking on a smartwatch it'll burn through battery life faster than you can say 'pass me the power bank'. A quartz watch will last for years, and automatic watches will keep powered up as long as you keep wearing them (another option might be to opt for one of the best hiking GPS trackers, but let's face it, they don't look nearly as good).

Traditional watches will also have significantly more longevity than smartwatches as well. While technology tends to get thrown away when it stops working, in thirty years' time I can look back at a (still working) mechanical watch and remember all of the adventures I went on with that watch -- the mountains I've climbed or the sea coves explored.

Finally, if you've got a smartwatch on your wrist, vibrating every five minutes, it can distract you from the nature that you're trying to reconnect with.

Q.E.D. mechanical watches are better than smartwatches.

Briston Streamliner Adventure

(Image credit: Briston)

Wondering what makes the Briston Streamliner Adventure watch so perfect for adventures? For a start, it features a shock-resistant and lightweight case made from acetate.

The robust case measures 44mm and is available in natural shades, which feature camouflage-esqe veining.

I have the tortoise shell model, which I think looks great on the supplied green nylon velcro strap. It reminds me of a pair of classic sunglasses.

In terms of functionality, the Streamliner Adventure actually offers more than the traditional wristwatch, although still not as much as a smartwatch. The analogue quartz movement displays the hours and minutes, but it's coupled with a digital movement that adds a timer, alarm, and calendar.

In terms of legibility, the time is easy to read despite the busy design, the dial uses superluminova, and the digital screens have a backlight function.

The watch is reasonably priced as well, priced at £295 and available from Wolf&Badger.

Have I persuaded you that mechanical watches are better than smartwatches for exploring the great outdoors? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

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