HTC Sensation slapped with £499 price tag gives new Android blower hefty SIM-free price

Phone due out on 30 June, but expect networks to detail generous plans before then. has given the HTC Sensation a weighty £499.99 pre-order price tag. The online retailer says if you slap down the cash now for the Taiwanese mobile maker's latest, greatest Android phone, you'll have it by 30 June.

HTC Sensation video


HTC Sensation video


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For those at the back the HTC Sensation was revealed back in April and comes with some seriously smart features. We're talking a dual-core processor, 1080p HD video recording, a massive 4.3-inch Gorilla Glass screen and an 8 megapixel snapper round the back.

It's perhaps no surprise that the SIM-free price is so high. But you can expect the networks to chip in with their own subsidised offers. Don't be surprised to see this number going free on contract very soon.

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Via Coolsmartphone