How the ZTE Axon 7 is designed to stand out from the crowd

Hard body, smooth feel - it's a step above the rest

In a world overflowing with identical smartphones, it's not easy for one to stand out, but the new ZTE Axon 7 does just that. The Axon 7 keeps users like us in mind during every step of the design process to create a truly unique, inimitable device.

Ignoring passing fads, ZTE has designed the entire Axon 7 to suit the real needs of global users, everywhere -from its frame, to speakers, fingerprint scanner and more,

The Axon 7 turns heads from across the room with its sleek and solid aluminum body. A smooth front and back curve traverses the 7.9mm thick phone, creating a sensational edgeless look and feel.

Hard body, smooth feel

Although the phone is made entirely of metal and glass, it hardly takes on the hard, cold finish you might expect. The Axon 7's slim build is soft to the touch and a treat for your palm and your pocket.

It has a gorgeous 5.5-inch 2K screen, made out of premium 2.5D curved-edge Gorilla Gen4 Glass, without compromising on phone size or features.

But we've barely scratched the surface. The closer you look, the more you can appreciate this pocket-sized masterpiece.

Take the speakers, for example. The Axon 7 has front stereo speakers harmoniously integrated into the frame, allowing the screen bezel to stay super-slim. This, is turn, makes the phone easier to handle while looking flawless.

Crafted by a global team for the global user

With a design inspired by the beautiful curvature body of modern sports cars, the Axon 7 gives you all of the luxury and comfort you could ask for in a smartphone.

ZTE's National Industrial Design Centre worked in partnership with Designworks, a BMW Group subsidiary, on the Axon 7. It's a device produced by a team spread across the globe that satisfies users worldwide.

That team has made the Axon 7's relationship between form and function seamless in a phone that you can trust and rely on. Just look at the rear of the phone as an example.

The Axon 7's fingerprint scanner sits on the back of the phone, right where your index finger naturally rests. A subtle indent lets you use the scanner by feel alone, which means that you're not going to drop the device as you try to unlock it or accidentally smear a finger over the camera lens while finding a comfortable grip.

Other big companies tend to use front scanners that sit below the screen or on the side of the phone. But ZTE found that a rear scanner gets you the most natural, ergonomic feel out in the real world.

Even the key buttons keep the user in mind more than your average phone, being consciously positioned so you don't have to stretch just to reach them. You can effortlessly use the Axon 7 with one or two hands.

A step above the rest

All this attention to detail is what helps keep the Axon 7 a stand-out among flagship smartphones. How often do you see a phone with such a clean design that you could still spot in a line-up meters away?

("Not often" is the answer, by the way.)

The ZTE Axon 7 is a device that you will connect with physically and emotionally. At such a competitive price, it has few rivals, and this is aligned with ZTE's commitment to allow more consumers to have access to an exceptional product.

Combining a truly integrated user experience with a timeless design, it's a phone we can't take our eyes off of.

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