How the Wattbike Atom indoor training bike can get you fitter, faster

The Wattbike Atom is the world’s smartest indoor training bike – here’s why

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Juggling your fitness goals alongside family, work and social commitments can be tough in today’s fast-paced world, but technology can help you train more efficiently around a busy lifestyle. The Wattbike Atom is the world’s smartest indoor training bike and uses cutting-edge tech to make staying fit easier than ever.

The Atom is Wattbike’s most advanced indoor trainer to date, combining the realism of a road bike with thousands of data points - including class-leading power measurement - and a range of fully-connected features to ensure you’re making gains from every session. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or shed a little weight, the Wattbike Atom is the perfect training partner.

The bike’s magnetic resistance system means riding indoors on the Atom is as realistic as the open road, with the same super-smooth pedalling fluidity. Twenty-two integrated gears control the resistance, or you can put the Atom in ergo mode to stick to a prescribed power output. The Atom offers a power range of 0-2,000 watts - making it capable of handling max power sprints from the world’s best cyclists without flinching.

Training with power is the most efficient way to improve your fitness, providing the hard-and-fast data that allows you to benchmark your current condition, follow personalised training sessions and track your progress. The Atom has an in-built power meter that samples data 100 times a second to an accuracy of +/- two per cent, making this is the most accurate smart trainer on the market.

That data is presented through the free Wattbike Hub app in an easily-digestible format so you can track your progress. The app also offers a series of performance tests to measure your fitness, as well as training plans developed with world-class coaches and leading sport scientists. Put the Atom in ergo mode and it will automatically adjust the resistance required for each training interval (based on your fitness), leaving you to focus on nothing but your workout.

The automatically-controlled resistance also comes into its own in Climb Mode. The Atom uses Strava GPS and VeloViewer data to let you test your mettle against some of the toughest climbs in cycling. The Wattbike Hub app comes pre-loaded with nine ascents, including the notorious Tour de France climbs of Mont Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez, and adjusts the resistance to match the gradient on your virtual ride.

(Image credit: Wattbike)

As well as working to boost your fitness, the Wattbike Hub’s innovative analytical tools will help you improve how you apply force through the pedal stroke. Polar View measures your pedalling efficiency to display a real-time visualisation of your power output during every pedal stroke. Meanwhile, the Pedalling Efficiency Score gives you insight into the left/right leg balance on every revolution – keeping you focused on perfecting your technique as you ride, so you can train harder, for longer.

Third-party training software is developing at a rapid pace and the Atom is primed to take full advantage thanks to its ANT+ and Bluetooth FE-C connectivity. As well as being able to connect to the Wattbike Hub, the Atom is compatible with a range of other apps, so you can ride with thousands of cyclists on the virtual roads of Zwift, dive into one of TrainerRoad’s training plans, or sweat it out with a Sufferfest interval session matched to footage from the Tour de France. Better still, Wattbike give you a free trial of The Sufferfest, TrainerRoad and Training Peaks when you purchase the Atom, allowing you to sample which app suits your goals over and above the free use of the Wattbike Hub.

Unlike a traditional turbo trainer, which requires the user to attach their bike to the unit, the Wattbike Atom is always ready to ride and is also fully-adjustable, so you can fine-tune your position to get comfortable – and multiple members of the same household can use the bike with little fuss. On top of that, the small footprint (L x 100cm W x 50cm H x 150cm) ensures the Atom will slot seamlessly into your home and the near-silent resistance unit means you can train at any time without waking the neighbours.

All that makes the Wattbike Atom the best indoor training bike in the world. Unrivalled realism, connectivity, accuracy, data analysis and training tools combine to help you reach your fitness goals quicker and easier, leaving more free time to spend with your friends and family.

The Wattbike Atom is available with interest free credit from £83 per month -

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