How MagC will untether your MacBook with a dollop of Qi, USB-C magic

The world's first wireless laptop charger promises to banish power cables for good

If you've got a USB-C equipped MacBook or MacBook Pro and are tired of cables then a new Kickstarter project that promises to help cut the cord may be worth checking out.

MagC, which enables wireless MacBook charging, is the first of its kind in the world and has been designed to make everyday laptop use more natural and human, with a compact and robust Qi adaptor connecting to the system by USB-C.

As you can see from the below video, the MagC is very thin and simply clips onto the base of the MacBook or MacBook Pro, allowing it to then simply be placed on its charging pad to receive power.

In addition to being able to charge the user's MacBook or MacBook Pro, the MagC is also capable of wirelessly charging both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, while smart sensing technology embedded in the charging pad automatically detects when a device is on or off it, ensuring no energy is needlessly wasted.

Speaking up the project, the MagC team state that:

"MagC is extremely easy to use — simply place and power. This combination of ease and slimness allows MagC to revolutionize your life without obstructing you at all. Focused on maximizing human efficiency, MagC is a truly ergonomic charging experience."

Right now the MagC is available in two core models to pre-order, the MagC Conserve, which maintains the battery level of the laptop but doesn't charge it, and the MagC Surge that does charge the device. A stretch goal also promises to introduce a third model if met, the MagC Desk, which allows below desk pad integration (so you could just place the laptop on the desk's surface for it to receive power).

Right now prices start at $139 for the Conserve and $199 for the Surge, with all backers expected to receive their units by April 2018. More information can of course be found on the project's backer page.

Robert Jones

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