Honor has created its own colourful AirPods for Android smartphones

There's a choice of teal, white, or red

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Honor has announced a set of wireless earbuds that look suspiciously like Apple AirPods. Known as FlyPods and FlyPods Pro, the Bluetooth earbuds even have a charging carry case that looks like a carbon copy of the one that ships with AirPods.

There is one key difference between these two rival wireless earbuds: colours. While Apple only offers its next-generation Bluetooth earbuds in white, Honor is offering up a range of different colours, including teal, white, and red.

FlyPods connect via Bluetooth 5.0, and sport an IP54 waterproof rating. That means it's safe to keep the earbuds in when you're sweaty on the treadmill, but you don't want to wear them in the swimming pool. 

Like the Apple AirPods, the Honor branded earbuds can be used to make and receive calls, control music playback, and activate the firm's AI assistant, YoYo.

According to Honor, the 420mAh battery cell in the earbuds should be able to endure a three hours on a single charge, and up to 20 hours of music playback when topped-up with the bundled charging case. 

The case can charge via USB-C, or using a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad.

FlyPods Pro include a feature Honor has branded  “BoneID technology”, which uses bone conducted voice recognition to isolate your voice from the background noise. 

Honor is so confident with its ability to recognise the unique signatures of your voice that it's using the system as biometric authentication to unlock your phone. It can also be used for a number of other secure operations that would typically require a fingerprint, like making payments on WeChat and AliPay. 

The FlyPods are available for preorder now in China for ¥799 (roughly £89, $115) and ship in teal and white finishes. Meanwhile, the bone-conducting FlyPods Pro are ¥999 (roughly £111, $143) and are available in white and red.

Both wireless earbuds will hit shelves November 6, 2018.