Half Life 3 confirmed at Gamescom?

List of games to be announced includes sequal to Valve's smash

The official Half Life 3 announcement and release date could be a whole lot sooner than we originally thought, if a certain pdf from Gamescom is to be believed

Half Life 3 is to be revealed this week at Gamescom, according to a pdf from the games show's website which lists all the titles that will be announced at the conference.

The highly-anticipated next instalment in the Half Life series has been years in the making, after Valve gained huge recognition for Half Life 2 and The Orange Box. This continued the single player story and also opened it up to Xbox 360 and PS3 owners as well.

As if adding fuel to the fire ,games magazine Game Informer has confirmed that for the first time in its history it will be going to print a day later in order to accomodate a huge announcement being made at Gamescom.

UPDATE: Games site Eurogamer says it has been told the inclusion of Half Life 3 on the list is a 'mistake', though when asked no explanation was given. There has been no announcement from Valve, EA or Gamescom.

Half Life 3 rumours:

Concept art has shown that the team could well be going in a new artistic direction along with Gordon Freeman being sent to the north where he will face icy landscapes and alien worlds.

The game has not yet been confirmed by Valve so seeing the title actually on an official list is the first sign that the company has been working on a sequel to Half Life 2.

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