Google says Android Auto bug is Microsoft’s problem to fix

Microsoft Teams audio isn't playing nice with Android Auto

Android Auto
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As Android Auto fans wait (and wait) for the major interface overhaul called Coolkwalk, which was supposed to arrive before the end of summer, Google has put the blame for a recent bug with its car infotainment system at Microsoft’s door.

Android Auto users started posting on Google’s support forums about a bug with Microsoft Teams back in January. The issue, multiple users said, related to the audio coming from Microsoft Teams – or rather, how no sound was coming through the Android Auto interface.

Normally, while it isn't possible to see a Microsoft Teams video call through the Android Auto interface on a car’s dashboard display, the audio can be listened to. That way, Teams users can dial into a conference call and take part in an audio-only capacity – handy if you’re caught in traffic and can’t make the meeting in person.

However, a bug meant that many Teams users were unable to use this feature. Instead, they resorted to disconnecting Android Auto and piping the Teams audio directly out of their phone, instead of through the car’s sound system. In some cases, audio would incorrectly switch from the car to the phone's speaker, or to its Bluetooth connection with the car instead of through Android Auto.

Google first acknowledged the issue in April, with a representative from the Android Auto team saying the bug had been noted and passed along to the rest of the team.

The issue seems to have come and gone repeatedly throughout the year, as Google rolled out updates to the Android Auto system, until finally the company appears to have exhausted all repair options, and concluded that Microsoft is to blame.

Earlier today, 14 October – and a full nine months after the problem was first reported – a member of the Android Auto team said: “We have looked into the issue and found that it appears to be caused by the Microsoft Teams app. We recommend reporting this issue to the Microsoft support team for further investigation.”

This might be a tricky issue to fix, as some users report how the latest version of Android Auto fixed the bug – but that was also said with earlier revisions, only for the problem to report later.

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