Google Pixel Watch 2 is getting the processor upgrade we all hoped it would

This could be the Apple Watch killer Android fans have been waiting for

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

Things have been a little quiet in the smartwatch world for a while. That's all over now, though, as a massive leak has just come out about the upcoming Google Pixel Watch 2.

According to MySmartPrice, who found reference to the model in the Google Play Console and on the Google Supported Device List, the device is set for a massive performance upgrade. That's because the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 processor is listed inside.

That's a massive deal. The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 came out earlier this year, and was the first Wear OS-based watch to use the chip. That showed off just how powerful it can be, and left our reviewer gleeful about the potential of the chip in other devices.

We have heard this rumoured before, too. But this is the first time we've had fairly substantial proof. Don't underestimate the difference it could make, either. According to Snapdragon themselves, the 4nm chip will offer up to 50% more battery life than its predecessor. 

Given that the battery life on the original Google Pixel Watch was just fine, that could be a big deal. If the brand could get battery life up to around seven days, it would mark itself away from devices like the Apple Watch, which have pretty poor specs in that department.

It's not the only news, either. Those listings come with images of the device in question, too. Don't get too excited though – it's pretty much a carbon copy of the original. Someone get the Spiderman Multiverse meme.

That's alright though. There was never any issue with the design of the Pixel Watch. It's arguably the best looking smartwatch on the market right now, with sleek lines and good colour options.

Where it needed a boost was inside, and based on the specs this leak provides, that's exactly what it's going to get. The shiny new processor is said to be paired with 2GB of RAM, while the device is also expected to have a 306mAh battery and a 384x384 display resolution.

While there's no guaranteed release date for this device, we're expecting to see it around October. That's when the previous generation was launched, alongside the Google Pixel 7 series. If that's the case we're not far away from getting hands-on with what could easily be the best smartwatch on the market.

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