Golf lovers will adore Google's next Wear OS smartwatch update

The software update should offer access to much more data about your game

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition
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If you're a golf lover, you'll likely know just how useful a good golf watch can be. They can offer everything from insights and data on your game, to realistic looking course maps, and make a great addition to your game.

They tend to be pretty specialist devices though. While some manage to perform as great smartwatches, too, most are one trick ponies, which smash it on the course but can't keep up with dedicated smartwatch picks.

For that reason, some may find them hard to justify. Soon, though, you won't need to, as a whole host of golfing updates are coming in Wear OS 4. That's Google's watch operating system, and can be found on top devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4.

That means you'll be able to wear your regular Wear OS smartwatch, but still enjoy the benefits of data insight about your game. Specifically, the update will bring information about the size of a swing – putt, short swing or full swing – and will allow apps to track the number of shots, for easier mapping and scorekeeping.

The changes will also be accessible to third-party app developers, allowing them to utilise the increased capability to improve their offering. That should make popular apps even stronger than before, and raise the bar for what they can offer.

That's a great upgrade. It should allow casual golfers the chance to track their game on a device they already have, or one that is easier to justify than a dedicated unit. Those who are more serious about their game may still want to get a dedicated device, but, crucially, they won't have to.

If your golf game is as good as mine – that's 'not very' – this should make it easier than ever to add some data-driven insight to your arsenal, which can be a massive help when improving your performance. There's no guaranteed date for the features to be released, but historic releases suggest sometime in late summer/early autumn is a good bet.

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