Get a Samsung Galaxy S7 for FREE with this awesome Black Friday deal

That's the Galaxy S7, one of the best smartphones in the world, for nothing, nilch, nada, bupkis, zip, zero, diddly-squat...

It's deals O'clock again people, with another stonking Black Friday score up for grabs.

This time has decided to take a £100 upfront cost for the superb Samsung Galaxy S7 and knock it down to £0. That's right! By using the Black Friday deal code BF100 at checkout you can pick up one of the best smartphones in the world today for nothing. View deal now.

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Of course there is a contract involved in the deal, however with 5GB of data as well as unlimited minutes and texts for £30.99, that's hardly a problem as it is so attractive.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S7 deal code works across all colour schemes too, meaning you can pick out a white, gold, black, pink or silver model depending on which takes your fancy.

This deal ends in just 48 hours, however, and units are limited, so we advise to move fast if you want to avail yourself of this Black Friday deal.

 That amazing Galaxy S7 deal again in full

Samsung Galaxy S7 | EE | £30.99p/m | 5GB data | Unlimited mins and texts | £100 upfront (taken down to FREE with code BF100 in the basket)

The Samsung Galaxy S7 to keep you in the loop with a display that never sleeps. And when you do wake it up, you’ll enjoy video and gaming on a stunning screen powered by Super AMOLED technology. This deal really is the definition of a no-brainer with a super amount of data to boot.

Get this super Galaxy S7 deal

And, in case you were wondering about what we think of the Samsung Galaxy S7's capabilities, then why not check out T3's official review now. Here's a tip off though - we gave it a maximum score of five stars.