Get £70 off these Snugs Wireless earphones for Black Friday

Prices never sounded so good

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With the discounts we're seeing flying around for this Black Friday weekend, there's never been a better time to upgrade your gadgets, and Snugs is offering a particularly appealing deal on its Snugs Wireless earphones.

The buds can be yours for a mere £149.95, which is £70 or more than 30 percent off the original listing price. The earphones can be personalised too, with a choice of 20 funky colours to pick from, and you can even select different colours for the left and right buds.

Here's the deal straight from Snugs:

Snugs Wireless

Molded to fit your ears, protected against sweat and rain, and with excellent noise cancellation and an integrated microphone, there are a lot of reasons to pick up the Snugs Wireless even before you get to the superior audio quality.

Get the Snugs Wireless discount direct

If you're new to Snugs, you'll need to provide a digital scan or impression of your ears so the buds can be 3D-printed to fit your ears perfectly. Thanks to this custom molding, a lot of the noise of the outside world can be shut out.

Still not convinced? The Snugs Wireless also include a microphone, so you can make calls with them through your smartphone, and they're sweat and rain resistant, as well as being compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Of course these aren't the only wireless earbuds in town, but given their significant price cut we'd say they're well worth considering during your Black Friday shopping spree.