Galaxy S10 and Samsung folding phone teased before new iPhone launch

Samsung just dropped the biggest official hint yet about its incoming folding and 5G phones

Samsung Galaxy S10 concept
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

Samsung just announced its second quarter results for the year and, simply put, they're not great.

The South Korean maker posted a revenue of 58.4 trillion won (that's $52.1 billion), which is a figure that is 4 per cent down from the year before.

A contributory reason to this drop? The under-selling Galaxy S9, which despite bagging a big fat 5 stars from on review, did not sell as well as expected along with its bigger brother, the Galaxy S9 Plus.

As well as reporting on the falling revenue, though, Samsung also addressed how it was going to turn things around in the results, with an earlier release for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 mentioned, and at "a reasonable price", too.

Whether or not Samsung can deliver a cheaper Note 9 remains to be seen, however, the phone's August 9 launch event is rumoured to be quickly followed by an on sale date of August 24, so that part of the strategy does at least in part seem to be being carried through.

This earlier Note 9 launch also makes sense in giving the device a little more breathing room before Apple announces its new iPhones in September.

However, what really stands out in Samsung's fightback plan is a tantalising tease about two of its most insanely wanted upcoming devices, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung's folding phone, the Galaxy X (or Galaxy F). Here is the revealing quote in full:

"Looking to the future, the Company will continue to reinforce product competitiveness based on hardware leadership, by adopting cutting-edge technology and new form factors and gaining leadership in 5G."

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is hotly tipped to be one of the world's first 5G phones.

Cutting-edge technology and 5G, eh? Sounds like absolutely everything we've reported on about the Galaxy S10.

New form factors, eh? There's only one Samsung device with a new form factor making headlines at the moment, Samsung's folding phone.

To us at T3 those comments from Samsung tally very, very well with a 2019 strategy built around the Galaxy S10 and Samsung's folding phone, which if followed through with the quality that the South Korean maker is typically famous for, would lead to a barnstorming year that would not only shake up the market dramatically, but also could quickly return it to revenue growth.

And, it looks like it will need to return to growth soon, too, as Huawei has just taken second spot from Apple in the mobile phone sales league and is gunning for Samsung's number one position.

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