Freeview Play will offer a new way to watch TV and use catch-up services

Aimed at TV manufacturers, the service is a bit like YouView

Freview Play will be a subscription-free service that rolls major catch-up services, live TV and on-demand streaming into one place.

And yes, you would be right to note that YouView has already done something almost identical. The key difference here is that YouView has become a feature of premium services like BT and TalkTalk, which makes it a bit more confusing and gives the impression it's a paid-for service.

Freeview, on the other hand is more widely understood to be a, well, free service. That gives it the chance to dart in and scoop up some eyeballs. It's also clear that Freeview wants this service to be integrated directly into TVs, removing the need for a set-top-box. So far only Sony has built YouView into its TVs.

The idea is that Freeview Play will have catch-up services from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. It will be able to record live TV, as well as stream content from on-demand companies like Netflix and Amazon. It is, essentially, the one-box solution that's still somewhat elusive in home cinema thus far. This will keep things easier for the consumer, and would allow TV manufacturers to offer a universal solution.

The whole thing also comes at a time when Channel 4 is preparing to ditch the 4oD name, and go with All 4 as its new brand. Hopefully this will also see an increase in picture quality on the otherwise much-loved service. We need more catch-up services that offer the same level of detail that the BBC's amazing iPlayer offers.

The only question about the service is how TV manufacturers will take to it. Will they want to replace their own smart TV platforms with this service, or will it end up being a confusing app all of its own. Usually Freeview gets these things right, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out.