Free Sky update to bring Apple TV+ to Sky Q and Glass, so you can actually watch Ted Lasso

Apple TV+ and its shows will appear alongside Netflix and more in Sky Q and Sky Glass' streaming interface

Sky Glass TV with Apple TV+ The Morning Show displayed on it
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky has just announced that its latest streaming partner for Sky Q boxes and the imminent Sky Glass TV is Apple, with Apple TV+ content appearing in the curated Sky interface alongside everything else you're watching. The update to both devices will come later this year, and will be available for Sky's customers in the UK, Germany, Austria and Italy.

Apple TV+ hasn't hit the heights of being as essential a streaming service as Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video yet, due largely to a much more limited range of content. Ted Lasso has been a massive break-out hit, and Apple TV's shows have won a good selection of Emmy awards (among others), but most of its stuff has flown under the radar.

And that's a shame, because the likes of The Morning Show and For All Mankind have picked up a lot of dedicated fans among those who've tried them, and things like the music documentaries the service is offering are pretty damn great.

What Apple probably needs more than anything is to actually tempt people into seeing what it has to offer, so working with Sky to get its shows into people's Sky Q and Sky Glass menus seems like a win-win.

This partnership goes in both directions, though: not only is Sky getting Apple TV+, but iOS and Apple TV (the hardware box, not the service) will get easier subscription options for Now TV, and Sky Go is coming to Apple TV for the first time in 2022.

We recently said that Sky Glass could be the iPhone moment for TVs, so it only seems appropriate for these two companies to be tying up at last. You could be watching the Ted Lasso Christmas episode, which was released in August, by Christmas! What a world.

Matthew Bolton

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