Fortnite and Apex Legends star will PWN you – and he's only 5, watch now

Watch the Fortnite and Apex Legends gamer that, despite only being 5 years old, will leave you dead and buried

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Think you're good at the video games Fortnite and Apex Legends? Well, think again. That's because there is an elite player out there that is racking up headshots and wins left, right and centre – and the crazy thing is that he is only 5 years old.

Calel, who was named by his father Jordan Kester after none other than Superman himself has, despite his age, already become famous for leaving adults rage-quitting in shame due to his deadly prowess in Fortnite and Apex Legends, and in the video below we get to see his skills in action.

Jordan Kester and Calel went viral for a clip from their stream that shows Cal claiming the win after his dad was downed in an Apex match.

“Cal’s love for gaming really improved just through watching me. And as we played more and more, he just got more passionate," notes Jordan.

“When other gamers find out they've been killed by a five-year-old, they simply just deny that it happened and assume that I'm holding the controller.

“Everyone basically says they will uninstall the game if they find out that a five-year-old beat them. And I can understand that.”

Cal added: “My dad is a pretty good gamer, but I’m better. I can headshot my dad and beat him – that’s how good I am.”

Calel streams his gaming adventures with his dad on their Twitch channel, ‘NewbCybot’.

Back in December 2020, the young gamer and his dad went viral after Jordan went down during an Apex Legends match, only to be avenged by his son in an incredible win that brought much attention to their channel.

After their epic victory, Respawn social media manager ‘Alex’ responded to the clip on Reddit by saying he was “looking forward to watching [their] pro career in the future.”

“I knew it was going to be my five-year-old versus somebody that just knocked me down,” said Jordan, recalling the viral moment.

“Sure enough, Cal is jumping, reloading, shooting and he takes him out and I pretty much do back flips. I couldn't believe it. He got us the win.”

Cal said: “My dad’s good at going down and I’m good at picking him up.”

While the clip garnered the duo a slew of positive attention, some feedback was more judgmental.

Jordan said: “I posted a minute long clip of Cal carrying me to a win in Apex and got a bunch of ‘this is great wholesome stuff’.

“Then in a minute, you had other people saying ‘make sure you teach them school’ when really all I did was post a minute clip of just us having a good time.

“It didn't take me long to see that the other people that were watching the clip and more supportive of it, they came to my defense without me having to do anything.”

Any negativity hasn’t phased Cal, who’s impressive skills have wowed his dad since an early age.

The five-year-old, who’s been playing games for three years, started his gaming career with Trials - the popular series based on dirtbike trial racing.

Jordan said: “Cal just watched me play games all the time until one day when he was two I gave him a controller to play a game called Trials, which is actually pretty hard in my opinion.

“But he just picked it up and he went pretty far. I could tell by his legs flailing around and his arms flailing around that he was really interested in it and wanted to be good – I could see the passion at an early age for sure.”

Cal then graduated to Mario Kart before taking to shooters and dominating in Apex Legends and Fortnite.

Jordan continued: “He surprised me at a very young age when one day I was watching him practice with Apex and the way he was tracking, aiming, moving, and shooting I was like ‘one of these days I got to get him on on my stream or record him doing something’.”

Which is exactly what Jordan did, bringing his son onto his Twitch channel and showcasing his impressive abilities.

Jordan himself has been a gamer for most of his life, starting with Street Fighter as a child – a game he used to carry around in his pocket.

He said: “My favorite games growing up were Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Super Mario 64. But the real one was was Halo. That was when I took it to the next level for sure.”

Now Jordan and Cal have joined forces to take on all-comers in today’s most popular shooters, with Cal developing a love for Fortnite which in turn piqued Jordan’s interest in the battle Royale.

The pair try to stream their matches daily, schedule allowing, with Cal using a PC and Jordan backing him up on console.

Recently the two went head-to-head on Fortnite in a best of 10 showdown, with Cal comfortably beating his dad 10-2 and winning himself enough in-game currency to buy an entire battle pass – courtesy of his gracious dad.

Having lost to his son, Jordan admitted his skills were lacking in comparison to Cal, saying: “Fortnite is probably going to be Cal’s first tattoo. That's how much he loves it.”

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