Amazon just took the pain out of your Black Friday deliveries

Amazon Day lets US Prime member receive all their purchases on the same day

Amazon Day Delivery

First came Prime Day, now there is Amazon Day.

Amazon has started to slowly roll out a new scheme in the United States that allows customers to designate a weekday as their "Amazon Day". Going forward, Amazon will then deliver all of the week's online orders in a single shipment on the chosen day.

For example, if you choose Tuesday as your Amazon Day, everything you've bought from the online retailer over the course of the week will turn-up on your doorstep on the next Tuesday in a single shipment. That day will remain as your default for future weeks unless you designate a new Amazon Day during the checkout process.

Amazon says orders shipped to customers on their Amazon Day will be packaged in as few boxes as possible. As such, it could prove popular with those who want to cut down the amount of cardboard waste often associated with Amazon orders.

Those who want to make their deliveries more predictable to ensure they're around to take collection of the item – and avoid parcel thefts in the process – might also opt for the new delivery scheme.

Amazon Day doesn't replace any of the other shipment options available to Prime members, who will still be able to choose one-day, two-day and no-rush shipping options for their online orders. According to Amazon, most items that are available for two-day deliveries will also be eligible for the new Amazon Day option.

For now, Amazon Day is invite-only option for Prime members in the United States. T3 has approached Amazon UK to find out whether the program will roll-out this side of the pond anytime soon. We'll update you as soon as we hear back.

"We're excited to be testing a new service aimed at making the delivery experience more convenient for customers," an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement.

The new delivery option comes as Amazon unveiled its new Black Friday deals, as well as a new Augmented Reality (AR) option within its smartphone app to help visualise products within your home before hitting the "Buy Now" button.