All you want for Christmas is… a wearable? Fitbit watch users get 3 months’ free Deezer

Whatever the wearable and workout, Deezer can bring the tunes – and for free on Fitbit smartwatches, too

Deezer on Fitbit
(Image credit: Fitbit)

Proud Fitbit watch owner? Or looking to gift, or be gifted, a Fitbit smartwatch for Christmas? Then boy do we have some good news for you. A Fitbit smartwatch promises to be the gift that keeps on giving this year, thanks to a free three-month subscription to Deezer Premium. Available for every Fitbit user*, you’ll get free music not just for Christmas or the January gym rush; for three whole months.

Whether you’re the present or future owner of the signature Fitbit Versa 3, the all-new range-topping Fitbit Sense, or any compatible Fitbit smartwatch in between, you can get 90 days of unlimited, ad-free access to a world of music, completely free. That’s around £30’s worth of music services – not a bad festive freebie at all if you ask us. The Deezer app comes pre-installed on all Fitbit smartwatches, so all you need to do is sign up for a Deezer Premium account, reap the free reward… and worry about your New Year’s resolution fitness goals when January arrives.

Infinite music, live from your wrist

Deezer on Fitbit

(Image credit: Fitbit)

Deezer is geared up to soundtrack both your exercise and your everyday – to both inspire and entertain – with its exclusive, expert curations for Fitbit users. Doing a HIIT session and want to ‘Take it to the max’ with 150-170 beats-per-minute tracks? Need help to ‘Find your pace’ on a long run, bike ride or dog walk with songs of 100-120 beats per minute? Or are you simply in need of some ‘Monday motivation’ (we know how you feel)? These hand-picked, fitness-friendly playlists on Deezer have you well and truly covered.

There’s plenty more where they come from, too, with Deezer offering curated playlists across a mix of music genres – pop, R&B, hip-hop and classic rock, you name it – as well as a library of local and international podcasts. Of course, you can take DJ matters into your own hands and create your own playlists, too – Deezer’s editors won’t take it personally.

Deezer on Fitbit

(Image credit: Fitbit)

Syncing your favourite playlists to your wrist is as easy as fastening a watch strap. You can download and store up to 200 songs on a Fitbit smartwatch (that’s over eleven hours of music, Ironman trainees!) for when you need to listen to your music offline. And pairing your Fitbit watch to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and controlling music playback on the move, is a doddle.

Do you own, or have your heart set on a Garmin wearable instead? Deezer doesn’t take sides; the music service is available on a wide range of wearables – which are great devices for listening to music on the move, phone-free.

Whatever the wearable, whatever the workout, Deezer is the perfect music accessory to complete any outfit. And that’s why a Fitbit device and three free months of Deezer is a pairing of rare, mince-pie-and-cream quality. If all you or a loved one wants for Christmas is a wearable, it’s the perfect present.

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