Big fat Fitbit deals: save £30 on Aria 2 smart scales plus money off Charge 2, Alta HR and earphones

Track your weight and fat percentage loss (or gain) with Fitbit's handiest accessory

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If you've been thinking of buying a Fitbit Charge 2 or Alta fitness tracker, Aria Wi-Fi scales to track your weight and body fat percentage or a pair of Flyer in-ear headphones, because you're such a big fan of Fitbit's expertise in audio products, NOW is the moment you've been waiting for. It's a Fitbit deals bonanza, with the Fitbit Back 2 Skool sale.

It's okay, you won't need to produce your NUS card or a letter from your mum, in order to be able to take advantage of these discounts. They're open to all.

Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi Scales | Was £119.99 | Now £89.99 

If you already have a Fitbit (or end up buying one in this sale), the Aria 2 is a nifty addition, especially with £30 off. Like any smart scale, it tells you your weight and body fat percentage, but this one also adds it to your Fitbit feed in the app, so you can track progress  over time. In black or white, it's an attractive thing, too. You don't actually need to own a Fitbit band to use it, just the app.View Deal

Fibit bands, including the Charge 2 special edition, are also on sale

Fitbit Charge 2 Special Edition | Was £159.99 | Now £139.99

The posh version of Fitbit's best fitness band (as opposed to fitness smartwatch) gets the kind of massive discount that'll gladden the heart of any starving and penniless student. The case and strap are what make it 'special', with a choice of blue-grey or lavender strap with a rose gold business end, or a black strap/black steel combo for Darth Vader and goths. The Charge 2 remains an excellent mix of activity and sleep tracking, with a cardio monitor to help with more in-depth fitness tracking.View Deal

Fitbit Alta HR Special Edition | Was £149.99 | Now £129.99

This is pretty much the exact same product as the Charge 2 but somewhat narrower. As such it's suited to those who value discretion, and people with slim wrists – women, for instance. The heart-rate tracking during exercise is perhaps a little less reliable as a result of the slimmed-down form, but it's arguably more wearable than the Charge 2. Here, your colour options are soft pink and rose gold for butch he-men, or black and gunmetal grey for more sensitive types.View Deal

Fitbit Alta Special Edition | Was £129.99 | Now £99.99

Those in search of a simpler fitness tracker might prefer the Alta which, as its name suggests, is just like an Alta HR, but without the heart-rate tracking bit. Why is this worth getting over a step counter that costs £25 from Lidl? Because it looks nicer, and because Fitbit's app is very motivating, and good. That's why! View Deal

Also going cheap: Fitbit accessories

As we noted above, £30 off the Aria 2 scales is a decent deal, bringing the price down to £89.99. The scales don't just tell you your weight and body fat percentage (a more useful metric to track than weight, in many case, although somewhat harder to bring down for most folks), it also uploads it to your Fitbit app for long-term tracking.

That's not the only Fitbit accessory on sale. Although there's nothing spectacular about the Flyer in-ear buds,  they're attractive, sound perfectly good, and at £79.99 are decent value.