Fitbit Charge 6 is a slimmer, neater Google Pixel Watch

The new model packs in a host of Google tuned goodness

The Fitbit Charge 6 with a red band, worn on a wrist
(Image credit: Google)

When it comes to fitness trackers, there are a range of options on the market. All of these are fighting for your hard earned cash, with different features and unique selling points to tempt you one way or another.

In the world of fitness trackers, there is one brand with more recognition than any other. Fitbit has become synonymous with the market as a whole. Just as how many refer to vacuum cleaners as Hoovers, small form fitness trackers are often described as a Fitbit, regardless of the brand.

Now, the latest model from the brand has arrived – and it could even rival it's own stablemate, the Google Pixel Watch. That's because the Charge 6 now comes with Google apps – like YouTube Music, Google Maps and Google Wallet – built-in.

That's a big deal. Fitness trackers tend to be fairly rudimentary devices, devoid of those kinds of features. Traditionally, if you wanted access to things like that, you'd need to buy a smartwatch.

That's not all there is to love about the Charge 6. It also features the most accurate heart rate sensor on any Fitbit yet, for better tracking of your health metrics. That sensor is powered by a machine learning algorithm taken from the Pixel Watch itself.

You'll find a haptic button on the side for navigation, while the device should get a full 7 days of battery life. That's another big deal. While it's not exactly surprising for a fitness tracker to have that kind of longevity, it's a big jump up from smartwatches which tend to only last a day or two between top ups.

It's a really exciting product. The addition of Google services makes it much more of a smartwatch-esque offering, while retaining some of the best bits of a fitness tracker. If, like me, you love the functionality of top smartwatches, but can't get on with the sub-par battery life, this could be a really good compromise.

It's a great value product too. At just £139.99, the Fitbit Charge 6 represents remarkable value-for-money. Top that off with a host of extra features which you might not expect to find onboard, and this looks like a real no brainer for those looking to gain insight into their health without busting the bank.

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