Father's Day gift idea: Take to the skies with the award-winning $99/£99 Ryze Tello drone

This £99/£99 drone packs Intel and flight tech from Drone Kings DJI

Ryze Tello
(Image credit: Ryze Tello)

Hunting for Father's Day gift ideas? How about this: the Ryze Tello is a budget-friendly option from drone kings DJI, and by far the best way to take to the skies without putting a major dent in your bank balance. While most quality drones will cost you upwards of £400, this impressive flier is under £100/$100. 

This dinky quadcopter has picked up the T3 Award in the Budget Drone category for two years running, quite simply because there's no other drone in that price bracket to offer anything like the specs and performance of the Ryze Tello. It's also sitting securely at the top of our ranking of the best cheap drones 2020.

For that super-reasonable pricepoint, you're getting top quality flight tech from DJI (the maker of the many of the very best drones right now), a 720p30 camera supported by an Intel processor and on-board EIS to help keep your aerial shots nice and smooth. You dad can also make use of the Ryze Tello's auto flight modes to capture truly cinematic footage, including 360 filming.

It checks off some more boxes on the 'Father's Day gift' list too: this drone weighs just 80g, and is small enough to pop into your backpack, which makes it a great choice for a new hobby. And of course, it's a good pick for socially-distanced fun, too. 

If you're concerned about spending your Father's Day wrangling with complex instructions, fear not – getting started is super simple: newbies can configure their first flight using the Tello app, then simply throw the Ryze Tello in the air and the drone will do the rest for you. And there's plenty to explore for more confident fliers, too. Excitingly, you can also code your own modes and flight characteristics in Scratch.

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