Electric cars will 'never be users' main vehicle'

Exclusive: Industry experts tell T3 electric cars are for multiple vehicle families

With electric cars increasing in popularity and support industry insiders have told T3 the eco vehicles will never be a user's primary vehicle

Electric cars will never be a household's lead vehicle with the energy efficient motors only likely to be of use to multiple car families, industry insiders have told T3.

Despite the recent influx of consumer available electric vehicles and the increased investment in making UK cities friendly to electric motors through the widespread introduction charging points, electric cars are set to act as an additional option to the standard petrol car as opposed to a direct replacement.

“Electric cars will eventually take off,” Vauxhall's Head of Product Market Stuart Harris told T3 in an exclusive interview. “It is unfortunate the way electric cars have started off but they certainly have a purpose to serve.”

Despite his belief electric cars will prove popular in the future Harris insisted that the eco vehicles “will never be your main car.”

“If you're a driver in a big metropolis doing 25 miles a day electric cars are ideal. They're full of torque; they're quiet and obviously very efficient. If you want to move away from that use, that's when it gets a bit tricky,” Harris said.

“The current electric car, or soulless electric vehicle, is probably going to be a second car; it can never be your main car.”

Harris's comments were echoed by Debbie Shields, Product and Technology Manager at Vauxhall who speaking with T3 said that whilst the emerging automotive tech will undoubtedly take off, electric car owners “will need a second vehicle.”

“There is absolutely a market for pure electric vehicles if you live in a city and have access to a second car,” Shields said. “The electric car will be one that will get you to work five days a week but come the weekend when you need to go see your granny in Scotland you will need a second vehicle.”

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