Elder Scrolls mod turns Skyrim into wasteland

As if Skyrim didn’t have enough problems, how about an apocalypse?

Civil war, evil demons, and ruddy fire-breathing drakes; Skyrim isn't the safest place to roam. But a new cataclysmic mod could tempt you back to the land of Tamriel.

A mod has been released for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that sees the land of Skyrim transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Vendayn, the player behind the mod, released the file to the public last week, meaning anyone with a PC can download and play the creepy update.

“It makes a huge change, makes it almost horror like,” writes Vendayn, “it feels really creepy going through Skyrim now.”

Despite first appearances, you're not going to be sidestepping carrion all the time as the mod operates lighting and textural changes primarily.

He even offers up some potential lore for the unconvinced, suggesting “war destroys and changes land, maybe the effects of Morrowind have affected Skyrim too.

“My goal is to add a lot of destruction to the world to show the war,” he continues.

The mod is available right now from the Mod Database free of charge.