Ecobee 3 adds room sensors

New smart thermostat is hoping to solve the problem of one room ending up too hot or cold

The last couple of years have seen an increase in the number of smart thermometers rise sharply.

However, as smart as many of the smart thermometers such as the Google-owned Nest are, they do have one flaw. They can only monitor and react to the temperature of the room they are in.

That has resulted in complaints that smart thermometers can make the living room too hot when it is placed in the hallway near the front door. Many manufacturers have claimed that they thermometers learn what temperature they should set each room at based on the ambient temperature, but that isn't ideal.

Now smart thermometer maker Ecobee has launched a product that should mean an end to those hot-room / cold-room problems.

The Ecobee 3 uses multiple sensors placed around your house to determine which rooms need the temperature rising or lowering. The more detectors you add, the more accurate it becomes.

According to Ecobee, you can link up to 32 sensors to the main controller. If you have a 32 room house, the price shouldn't really be off too much concern.

Other than the addition of linkable sensors, the Ecobee 3 also gets a visual upgrade with a new slicker design and 3.-inch touchscreen panel.

There's no word on a UK launch date or price. However, if you have to get your hands on it asap, it launches in the US on September 29th.

The core kit will set you back $249 (£153) while each additional sensor will cost $79 (£49).