Disney vs Netflix, the fight is on but who will win?

Disney to launch its own video streaming service in 2019

Netflix might be filled with fun Disney video joy right now but all good things come to an end and that’s certainly the case here as Disney is pulling its video from Netflix. Disney has announced it will start its own video streaming service in 2019.

At the moment Netflix has content from Disney, Marvel and Star Wars - which all sit under Disney ownership. While Disney content is set to get pulled it doesn’t definitely mean the Marvel and Star Wars fun will go with it. Netflix has been home to many original Marvel shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and now the upcoming Defenders.

That said Disney is also launching an ESPN streaming service in 2018 and has bought a streaming tech company called BAMTech. Its intentions to cut out the middleman are pretty clear.

At the moment the UK offers DisneyLife as a subscription service that lets you watch movies and TV shows, read eBooks, listen to music and audio books and more on demand. Perhaps this will become part of the new streaming service in the long run, or everything will simply be added to this already developed name.

It’s early days with Disney only announcing this plan of intent at a recent earnings call. Expect to find out more soon.

This is the DisneyLife: Disney's streamer launches in the UK