Check out these luxury Star Wars pens!

Can’t wait till the new movie? A space age pen might just satisfy your craving

Choose from C-3PO, Darth Vadar or a Stoom Trooper. Either way you'll look pretty swanky.

CROSS have released a set of 'fine writing instruments with the release of the release of the new Star Wars movie 'The Force Awakens'.

In celebration of the timeless, iconic saga we've seen a host of Star Wars techy memorabilia, but these Star Wars 'Writing instruments' might just be the coolest we've seen.

The series feature some of the most iconic Star Wars characters, C-3PO, Darth Vader, and Stormtroopers. You can opt for the standard The Click Star Wars Gel Ink Pen Collection retailing around the £30 mark, or if you a bit of a collector then their limited edition collection is something worth considering.

The limited collection pens are limited to 1977 units per character and features character details etched into the finish. For £295- £395 for a pen, some would deem this extravagant, still if you've got the cash why not?

You've gone out and bought your Star Wars pen and what more could you want than a snazzy Star Wars 'JotZone' journal at £30 to jot down your thoughts on. According to CROSS the 'JotZone' is the “perfect blank slate companion to capture your favourite Star Wars quotes on.” Although if your writing wasn't Star Wars related we don't think it would be too much of a problem.