Creative unveil iPod Nano rival in the ZEN Style M300

Creative's latest offering takes on the iPod Nano

Creative release MP3 player that's only budget in price

Creative has once again taken aim at the Apple iPod, unveiling a new micro MP3 player that rivals the iPod Nano in terms of looks and functionality, but forless than half the price.

The Creative ZEN Style M300 boosts a 1.45-inch tft touchscreen, and is available with capacities of 4GB, 8GB or 16GB. For those with a more expansive music library, a microSD slot is also provided that will take cards up to 32GB. Support is only provided for MP3 and WMA files, so DRM-free AAC tracks purchased from iTunes won't work with the player.

Wireless connectivity is available thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth, and there's also a handy FM radio built in. For those who don't need these features, Creative have also released a stripped down version in the form of the ZEN Style M100.

Available in a choice of four colours: black, white, red or yellow, the ZEN Style M300 is priced at a very reasonable £39.99 for the 4GB version.

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