Cozy up this winter with GoveeLife smart heating products

Keep yourself warm while staying energy-efficient.

GoveeLife Smart Space Heater
(Image credit: Govee)

If you’ve seen a live stream, watched a Let’s Play, or been anywhere near a gamer’s living space recently, you’ve probably seen (or at least heard of) Govee’s smart RGB lighting products. You may even have a set of their smart Holiday lights like the newly launched Christmas String Lights or Outdoor Permanent Light Pro  in your own cart right now. What you may be surprised to learn is that lighting is only one way that Govee can add to your smart home experience. Expanding with GoveeLife, the brand you know and trust for smart lighting now includes an impressive line of affordable innovative smart appliances that can improve your day-to-day life while staying energy-efficient.

Temperatures are dropping rapidly, snow has even begun to sputter from the clouds, and you want nothing more than to cozy up with a blanket and some hot tea. There’s just one problem: the room is still cold. With the brand-new smart space heaters from GoveeLife, you don’t need to disturb the cozy vibes you’ve created just to turn up the heat. GoveeLife’s smart heaters are not just cozy and aesthetically pleasing. They’re also a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to keep your home comfortable. 

Innovation and reliability

GoveeLife Smart Space Heater

(Image credit: Govee)

Smart space heaters from GoveeLife all benefit from the brand’s commitment to innovation and reliability. With a design focused on affordable quality, GoveeLife space heaters feature PTC ceramic heating solutions with an upgraded structure that allows for 99.9% thermal energy conversion efficiency. The heaters are also equipped with upgraded hardware that optimizes the stability of the heaters, reducing the possibility of accidental tip-overs. The heaters are V-0 flame retardant with 24-hour automatic shut-offs and overheat protection.

GoveeLife’s heaters are smart-ready appliances that can be paired with seamless, hands-free control mechanisms like door sensors and voice controllers. With Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating, your room can be warm quickly and efficiently, as the heaters reach 77° F in just 2 seconds. 

  • Smart Control and Compatibility Users can enjoy smart control of their heaters in the Govee app as well as voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can also set a schedule, timer, and other smart controls on the Govee Home App.
  • AutoReflect Integration Proprietary sensor technology allows models of GoveeLife smart heaters to connect with other devices and keep the home within users’ preferred temperature. When paired with the GoveeLife thermo-hygrometer, users can have a more accurate temperature.
  • Automated Experience GoveeLife smart heaters and their integrative qualities support seamless, hands-free IoT connection with door sensors and other appliances. Appliances can activate and operate automatically, giving users a more intuitive home experience.

Three heaters to choose from for your personal needs

GoveeLife Smart Space Heater

(Image credit: Govee)

GoveeLife’s Smart Space Heater line features three different heating options. The GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Lite is perfect for supplemental heat in small spaces like dorms, bedrooms, or sitting atop your office desk. The tiny little powerhouse is available in two colors, keeping you warm while fitting in with the aesthetics of your space. Its small footprint makes it ideal to place anywhere you need additional heat, and its 1500W of PTC heating can warm up to 200 square feet of space. The GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Lite is available from Govee or Amazon for just $49.99.

The GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro is the middle of the pack, heating spaces up to 236 square feet and featuring a built-in sensor with a thermostat display. This allows you to see the temperature at a glance, without having to pull out your phone to check the app.  The Smart Space Heater Pro can be controlled with your favorite voice assistants for touch-free use. A three-axis gyro sensor gives the Pro heater a unique ability to be used while standing up or lying down. The Space Heater Pro is also compatible with the Govee DreamView app so that you can customize the RGB night light with various lighting modes. The GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro is available from Govee or Amazon for $139.99.

For those who need to heat a larger space, like a common room in a dorm suite or a garage, GoveeLife has the Smart Space Heater Max. Offering all the same functions and connectivity as its smaller counterparts, the Smart Space Heater Max can also be paired with a thermo-hygrometer for automatic temperature adjustments and accurate monitoring. The Smart Space Heater Max features a charming panoramic fireplace light to bring an additional cozy ambiance to your favorite room. The heater features 80% oscillation and soft heat modes as well as a safety lock ensuring it is secure around pets and children. The GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max is available from Govee or Amazon for $149.99.

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