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Google is rolling out several productivity updates that are sure to make your day-to-day computing a whole lot easier. Sometimes we’ve found the perfect passage in an article that we know a friend or relative would love. Our natural tendency is to share the article with them to draw their attention to the specific text. 

But as we all know, the recipient will end up landing at the top of the webpage after opening the link – and not at the precise point in the article that you'd like them to read. Google is fixing this as part of its set of productivity updates. 

Chrome Copy link to highlight feature

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You may be thinking: why not just copy the entire paragraph? Well, first, it's untidy and, second, it eliminates useful context to the piece you're sharing – i.e. not a very good solution. What Google has done to remedy this is to add “Copy link to highlight” when sharing links. 

When a recipient opens your link created with the new tool, it will send them right to the part of the page you selected, instead of the top of the page. This is ideal for adding context, saving time, and getting readers' eyes to the exact position you want them to be on the page. To do this: Highlight the text you want to share, then right-click and select "Copy link to highlight". You can then paste the link anywhere, like an email or message thread. 

Chrome tab search feature

Chrome tab search feature

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Another Chrome productivity trick is to use tab search to find your tabs faster. Have a lot of open tabs? We certainly do and they become a nuisance when we can't find the one we're looking for, amongst the jumble that is our Chrome browser. 

This is where Chrome’s tab search feature comes into play, enabling users to find their tabs without the hassle of rifling through each one individually. At the top of your Chrome window, click the tab search icon or see a list of all your open Chrome tabs. As shown in the picture, you can then search for the tab you're looking for often we know exactly what's in the tab, but we just can't locate it.

Life made easier

For now, the features are only available on Chrome for desktops and not mobile. There's no precise word on when it might come to mobile, so it could be a while before such productivity improvements arrive on the best iPhone and best Android phones.

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